tomorrow sleep mattress best under $1,000

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

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Tomorrow Sleep offered BestSlumber an opportunity to review their new mattress These beds were provided at no charge. All they asked is that we give an honest assessment of their mattresses.

We were genuinely excited to give Tomorrow Sleep a try. A "real" memory foam and coil hybrid under $1,000 sounded too good to be true. The fact that it was produced by Serta, makes Tomorrow Sleep a really intriguing mattress. When Serta Simmons (the largest bedding manufacturer in the world) decides to get into the bed in the box industry, you can't help but take notice!

The Serta Simmons Co. has already produced a super successful line of hybrid mattresses. Tempur-pedic, Stearns & Foster and Sealy have also introduced similar products. But how does this value priced online option compare to these prominent retail mattresses? We'll take you through every step of our Tomorrow Sleep experience.

Product Name:

Tomorrow Sleep

Tomorrow Sleep has been named as our BEST MATTRESS UNDER $1,000!

Product Type:

Hybrid Mattress


Standard Queen Mattress $990


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Not just another bed in the box...

Online bedding sales were initially dominated by all foam mattresses. The ability to ship these beds rolled in a box for easy delivery was a distinct advantage. Great price points and convenient, risk free purchase prompted an industry explosion. However, many seeking the support and comfort of an innerspring were left underwhelmed with online options. The challenge, to combine the price point and convenience of online shopping with a quality sleep experience. Tomorrow Sleep founder, Bryan Murphy, with the backing of Serta Simmons, did just that! Tomorrow Sleep operates as a separate, unique division but, with the full backing of Serta Simmons resources and expertise.

There is a small but growing contingent of companies producing online coil spring offerings. Few, if any can claim the consumer respect and confidence of Serta Simmons. But how could a quality coil spring be rolled into a box?

We asked Ken Sr Director, Operations & CX to elaborate on the process. "First, we use a 60 ton weight (120,000 pounds) to compress our beds before vacuum sealing them for shipping. In order for springs to survive this process, we use very high quality Series 800 steel coils. In addition, by stressing the springs, they gain a springy resilience that allows them to properly support the body's curves and bounce back, rather than just remaining stiff and fighting the body. Given that, we've found through testing that our mattresses can easily handle over 1,000 pounds, every night, for over 20 years."

So, what is a hybrid mattress anyway?

The term "hybrid" is one of the most abused phrases in the bedding industry. The definition is actually very simple. Something that combines two different components, performing the same function. This usually results in an enhanced final product. If you push the envelope, that definition could apply to almost every mattress made. For example, any foam with coil, or any two foams combined would qualify. In today's market, you actually will see manufacturers take this liberty.

When the word "hybrid" first popped up in the bedding industry, the spirit of the word was much more clear. A hybrid was a mattress that combined a pocketed coil with a high quality specialty foam. This being either memory foam or natural latex. Following its original meaning, Tomorrow Sleep is a true hybrid with 3" of high density memory foam on top of  Individually pocketed coils. The combination offers the best features of both. Memory foam provides great pressure relief, conformity and reduced motion transference. The coils offer support and conformity as only a spring system can.


Medium Soft and Medium Firm are both equally supportive. Different foam densities create alternative comfort feels; with either option, the cover and underlying support system are the same.

The Cover:

A thin, breathable blend of stretchy polyester and nylon fits loosely across the surface of the mattress. It's imperative it fits this way to allow the memory foam and coils to conform easier and perform better.

Support System:

  • 6” of pocketed 800 Series high-carbon steel coil (.083" wire.) Unlike traditional bonnell coil units, these springs function independently of each-other. This creates greater body conformity and lessens motion transfer. This is great for couples who worry about disturbing their sleep partner. The coils also allow better air passage keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • 6” x 3” Ventilated Foam Side Rails

  • 1” base foam layer which the coils rest upon. This foam offers additional stability and support.

Medium Firm Mattress Comfort Layers

  • 1” 3.5 lb. /cf Black Diamond PCM (Phase Change Material) 
  • 1/2” 2.5 lb. /cf Airy Comfort Foam Layer with Gel
  • 1.5” 2.6 lb./cf Dynamic Response Foam Layer.

Original memory foams slept much warmer. Modern innovations like Phase Change, have been game changers. Get all the benefits of memory foam without sleeping hot.

Airy Comfort Foam Layer with Gel provides additional pressure relief and has advanced cooling attributes.

Dynamic Response Foam Layer. This foam adds bounce and buoyancy while reducing sinkage.

Medium Soft Mattress Comfort Layers

  • 1” 4.8 lb. /cf (Memory Foam) with PCM Phase Change 
  • 2" 2.5 lb. /cf Airy Comfort foam Layer with Gel.

Viscoelastic (Memory Foam) with PCM (Phase Change Material) has the same great cooling qualities. But this layer is softer and more conforming. Ideal for side sleepers seeking more contouring for the shoulders and hips.

Comfort foam Layer with Gel eliminates past issues of heat retention issues. A thicker layer of this softer foam creates a plusher, more luxurious feel. Greater contouring is achieved for those seeking a more forgiving sleep surface.

Comfort Options:

Contrary to what many online mattress companies would like you to believe, no one mattress is right for everyone. Age, weight and physical condition all play a factor. Among companies that market only one comfort feel, it's almost a given that option will be a medium firm. This feel accommodates the needs of the largest percentage of sleepers. However, many side sleepers require a softer mattress to alleviate pressure on the shoulders and hips. For this reason, we opted to try Tomorrow Sleep's medium soft mattress.

The difference from firm to soft comfort feel results from varying foam densities. It's important to note this change does not affect support. It simply addresses individual comfort needs. For years, many consumers have purchased beds that were too firm under the false premise that more rigid, means better support. Both proper alignment and comfort are equally important. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

Medium Firm, Sometimes called Luxury Firm or Cushion Firm, is designed to address the widest range of comfort preferences. Firm, but with enough pressure relief for most back, stomach and a large portion of side sleepers. While many companies use this designation, no two make a feel that is exactly the same. We've tried Medium Firms that may have been more appropriately called "Firm" or "Medium".

While comfort is subjective, We found the Tomorrow Sleep Medium Firm to be an accurate depiction of the term. For me, the mattress was very comfortable while on my back. It had just enough conformity without sinking too far. I'm not  a stomach sleeper but I felt it provided adequate support for the lower lumbar without feeling too firm. As for side sleeping (my preference), the amount of pressure relief was enough where I could get reasonably comfortable. That said, the Medium Soft is where I found my sweet spot. Like many, I prefer a bit more cushion to alleviate pressure points. Keep in mind different body types will impact how you perceive softness and comfort. I am 5'9", with a medium build. A much heavier person may perceive this same mattress to be softer. Likewise, a petite individual may feel that the bed is firmer.

To clarify, we are speaking in generalities here. This particular firmness level will appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers; Back, stomach and a good portion of side sleepers. However, if you truly want a softer, more forgiving feel, we recommend the Medium Soft. Although the Medium Firm covers the widest range of sleep position needs, it's not for everyone. Of course, most companies that only offer one comfort option will certainly disagree.

Medium Soft, as we stated, is an ideal choice for side sleepers. No one's body is perfectly flat. If we were, we'd all be comfortable sleeping on the floor. While on your back, the body's weight is distributed more evenly. On your side, the bulk of your frame rests on your shoulders and hips. We found that Tomorrow Sleep offers great pressure relief while on your side. Hips and shoulders are gently absorbed; reducing pressure and stress. Areas that might otherwise not receive support are cradled by the foam and springs. We were truly impressed with just how comfortable this bed was from the very first time we slept on it. 

We found the medium soft to be quite comfortable on both my side and back. I'm not a stomach sleeper but, I did lay that way for an extended period of time to gauge its comfort level. After a brief period, I began to feel a bit of stress in my lower lumbar area. This was not at all surprising. The same qualities that make for a great side sleeping experience, rarely translate to a comfortable night on your stomach. In general, stomach sleeping is not the healthiest way to sleep. Having said that, we understand old habits die hard. If you simply must sleep that way, we recommend the medium firm. This bed should have just enough softness to alleviate pressure, while not allowing your back to dip out of alignment.


Tomorrow Sleep Bed Box

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Packaging

Being careful not to damage the fabric, carefully cut through the plastic wrapping. Once the vacuum seal is broken, you will hear the sound of air passing quickly into your mattress.

Provided Cutting Tool
Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Unboxing

Shipping is free to your door in the continental U.S. Tomorrow Sleep does offer a white glove delivery that includes in home delivery and set up. The fee for this service varies on your location but may be worth it. A queen mattress weighs just over one hundred pounds and generally requires 2 sets of hands. However, if you do have assistance available, setup is actually pretty simple.

We recommend placing your mattress on the the bed prior to unwrapping the package. A special cutting tool is included.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Rolled Up

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Within minutes, your Tomorrow Sleep mattress will take shape! Although you can lay down on your bed right away, the mattress will fully expand in a few hours.


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Twin XL




Cal King

$550                 $425

$600                 $475

$800                 $675 

$990                 $865

$1,200              $1,075

$1,250              $1,075

Tomorrow Sleep Bed on Display


10 Year Limited Warranty: Standard disclaimers apply; see manufacturer's warranty information

Comfort Guarantee:

   365 Night Comfort Trial

If you are not completely satisfied, Tomorrow Sleep will arrange to pick up your mattress at no charge and refund your payment in full!

More than just a mattress...

Tomorrow Sleep offers a complete sleep environment!

Tomorrow Sleep Accessories

If you're serious about sleep, Tomorrow Sleep has you covered!

Tomorrow sleep also sent us their full line of accessories to evaluate. The right pillow, sheets or even mattress protector, help create your own unique sleep environment.

What was really a lot of fun was getting to try out the new Sleeptracker!  I have worn a Fitbit for some time and was curious to see how similar the the results would compare. As I found out, Sleeptracker matches Fitbit's best features and offers additional insights not found on its wristband counterpart. 

Pillow Options

Memory Foam

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Tomorrow Sleep's Memory Foam Pillow is designed to have both a cool side and a warm side. The difference was slight, but certainly discernible. The pillow is soft and conforming. Some memory foam pillows I've tried have felt a bit too firm to provide pressure relief but, this has a really nice feel.

This pillow has just the right blend of comfort and support. It felt especially nice while on my back. Side sleeping it could have been a bit thicker but, that's more of a personal preference. We noticed no unpleasant odors that sometimes accompany memory foam pillows. Overall, high marks here!

Plush Pillow

Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow

The Plush is a cushy, hypoallergenic down alternative. It's a bit thicker than the memory foam option and felt great while sleeping on my side.

There is ongoing debates about how hypoallergenic down actually is. Simply put, if you have a known allergy but like the down feel, Tomorrow Sleep's Plush pillow is a great alternative.

I found this pillow quite soft and conforming. It felt the most comfortable while sleeping on my side. On my back I prefered the memory foam due to the lower height. Of course, That is just a personal preference.


Tomorrow Sleep 500 Thread Count Sheets

Tomorrow sheets are made from U.S. grown cotton. Percale woven, these 500 thread count linens are a breathable two sided weave that resists pilling. Some of the reviews describe the material as being a bit too crisp feeling. Quite frankly, we found them very soft to the touch. We did however, wash them prior to use. A Percale weave will soften a bit more with each wash.

Tomorrow sheets are fitted for no-slip comfort. Lightweight and breathable, they are designed to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable.

Mattress Protector

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector

A mattress protector should first and foremost, protect the mattress. A stain on your bed will generally void all warranty claims. Waterproof covers are best for this purpose but choosing a quality protector is important. Poor qaulity covers retain heat and often feel crinkly under your sheets. 

Tomorrow Sleep's mattress protector is made with Instacool. This specially designed fabric draws heat away from your body. The cover is thin and barely noticeable. A good mattress protector should do its job without changing the feel of your mattress. We highly recommend this cover!


Tomorrow Sleep Comforter

The Tomorrow Sleep Comforter is a 300 thread count fabric filled with ThermoBall. This down-alternative filling is hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers. Wrapped in percale weave it offers an airy, yet crisp feel.

The overall appearance of this comforter is plush and luxurious. At the same time, it offers a clean delicate look that is quite appealing. Considering how lightweight the material is, it feels warm and welcoming.


Tomorrow Sleep Sleeptracker

When I first heard about Tomorrow Sleep's Sleeptracker device, I could not help but draw comparisons to Fitbit. I decided to wear both during our evaluation. I expected to see similar features at best. I also had concerns about the sensors being so far away from your body. Would that affect how accurate the readings would be? What I found was little or no difference between Sleeptracker and Fitbit readings. I was also very surprised to see that Sleeptracker offers even more features. Sleeptracker monitors both heart and breath rates. 

An added bonus is not having to wear it on your wrist while sleeping. The Sleeptracker stays plugged in so there's nothing to charge. Once setup is complete, you will recieve a daily sleep analysis. You'll be able to set goals and monitor your progress. We found the Sleeptracker to perform exceptionally well!

Setting up your Sleeptracker

When you open up your Sleeptracker box, you'll notice that there are few parts to plug together. It seems pretty simple but you won't find a whole lot of instructions in the box. No worries, when you install the Sleeptracker app, you will be prompted to follow a series of instructions and watch a short video. It's a little time consuming but, nothing particularly complicated. Once setup is complete, your first actual report takes a little while to process. They actually let you know this in advance. My first results came by mid afternoon the following day. Since then, I've received regular morning updates. See the photo for proper position of the sensors if monitoring couple's sleep.

Setting Up the Sleep Tracker
Sleeptracker vs Fitbit


Monitors the following...

Actual sleep duration

Awake time


Light Sleep

Deep Sleep

Average heart rate while asleep

Average Breath Rate


Monitors the following...

Actual sleep duration

Awake time


Light Sleep

Deep Sleep

Average heart rate is monitored but not specific to sleep duration

Tomorrow Sleep Conclusion:

Tomorrow Sleep breathes new life into the online bedding industry with this outstanding hybrid mattress. Regardless of whether you are comparing to retail stores or other online beds, Tomorrow Sleep stands out as an exceptional value!


Ideally, the perfect mattress would be right for everyone. Different individual needs and preferences make that next to impossible. However, Tomorrow Sleep has attained what we feel is the highest standard of comfort support and price available! As a result, they have received our highest rating to date!

The Good Stuff:
  • A true quality hybrid mattress  priced well below retail store competitors.
  • Individually Pocketed coils reduce motion transfer. Couples feel their partner's movements less which promotes more restful nights!
  • High density Memory Foam reduces pressure points and limits motion detection. 
  • Phase Change reduces heat retention allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortably.
  • Tomorrow Sleep is backed by Serta Simmons; the largest and most respected name in the bedding industry!
  • Little to no odor noticed. Off gassing is a common concern with memory foam. We found there to be no detectable odors present.
The Bad Stuff:
  • A standard queen mattress weighs over 100 lbs. Of course, this speaks to the quality of the construction. The mattress needs two sets of hands to bring into your home. If assistance is not available, we recommend inquiring about Tomorrow Sleep's White Glove Delivery service. 
Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Factory

Is Tomorrow Sleep right for you?

We want to thank Tomorrow Sleep for allowing us the opportunity to try out their new mattress. When we heard Serta Simmons had manufactured this bed we had high expectations. Tomorrow Sleep did not disappoint. In fact, the mattress exceeded anything we had anticipated. For this reason, Tomorrow Sleep has been named our Best Mattresses Under $1,000!