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Standard Queen Mattress $1,349 


Spindle is a small but, ambitious company out of New England that has been gaining momentum and turning heads. Their straightforward marketing approach and genuine concern for customer satisfaction is refreshing. Company founder, Neal Van Patten, is a fourth generation mattress maker with a sincere passion for his trade. He states Spindle's mission is simply to "build remarkable mattresses and sell them at kick-ass prices, online."

The Spindle Mattress Company’s business model is to say the least, a bit unconventional. If you are looking for a white glove delivery that sets your mattress up with a wave of a finger, Spindle may not be for you. However, if you are searching for an exceptional value at a ridiculously low price, you are definitely on the right track! 

*Spindle recently supplied BestSlumber with their all Natural Latex mattress for us to review. The bed was provided at no cost. All Spindle asked for was an honest review of their product. We'll break down what our impressions were; and what you can expect.

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*BestSlumber receives affiliate commissions (at no additional cost to the buyer) on products featured throughout our site. It is our mission to provide unbiased insight on how to find the best possible sleep solutions.

All latex mattresses are not created equal

Latex is created when a liquid is transformed into a solid through a vulcanization process. That liquid can be can be natural, synthetic, or blend of both. Even when natural rubber tree sap is used, a small amount of chemicals are necessary in production. That said, no final product is ever 100% natural. To be considered "natural", latex must contain 95% natural material. Please note, unless otherwise verified, don't assume that 95% is all rubber tree sap. In some cases, natural fillers can be added to the mix. Spindle uses no such substitutions in it's natural Latex. 

Dunlop vs Talalay process

There has been much debate over superiority of Dunlop over Talaly latex. Both processes start out pretty much the same and both have there own unique attributes. Spindle uses the Continuous Pour Natural Dunlop Latex process. Dunlop is the oldest, most tried and true method and still remains the most common process. Talalay adds a few additional steps that involve vacuum sealing and freezing the foam. In theory, this results in a more consistent and slightly softer product. Some environmental critics note that the additional processing is less eco friendly. The extra cost also tends to inflate the retail price of these mattresses. ​Talalay may have sightly more bounce but, we have not found a significant difference in comfort between the two.

Synthetic latex tends to be more heat retentive. Like memory foam, it has the potential for off gassing. To be fair, there are some fine quality mattresses that are made from natural and synthetic blends. It's important to know and understand what you are purchasing.

Latex mattresses have limited availability

Spindle sees the relative lack of exposure latex has received thus far as a huge growth opportunity. Unlike memory foam, which is petroleum based foam, natural latex, is manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree and responds to your body in an entirely different way. it’s not Spindle’s goal to discredit the merits of its competition. However, Van Patten does view it as an opportunity to tout the virtues of the Spindle mattress. Natural latex is far more buoyant, less heat retentive and does not have the off gassing issues associated with memory foam. Latex also offers exceptional pressure relief and conformity while keeping your body in proper alignment; creating a sensation of floating on top of the mattress. Memory foam conversely, is slower to react and respond allowing your body to be absorbed into the bed. You sleep on a Latex Mattress; you sleep in a memory foam bed.

Who should consider a Spindle Mattress?

Spindle makes an exceptional mattress. But, latex in general is not right for everyone. If you're wondering if Spindle might be right for you, we recommend taking time to consider a few important factors. Natural latex has a unique feel that is different from traditional coil spring or memory foam. We've found people who like (or dislike) latex have similar comfort preferences. Your first step should be determining if Spindle will fit your comfort requirements. 

Who will like Spindle?

You'll like Spindle if you love the feel of high priced retail store latex mattresses but, feel they are out of your price range. By cutting out the middleman, Spindle has been able to drastically reduce the price of their natural latex bed. Through our many years of bedding industry experience, as buyers and salespeople, we've evaluated many high end beds. We feel Spindle's support and comfort are comparable to natural latex mattresses costing thousands more.

Spindle is for you If you want to lay on your mattress; not in it. For those who feel memory foam mattresses feel like your sinking in quicksand, Spindle will be a good choice. Unlike memory foam, you sleep on natural latex; not in it. There is more bounce and far greater ease of movement. This has obvious benefits for couples in a romantic relationship.

You'll also like Spindle if you want limited motion transfer. This is a great advantage for couples who do not wish to disturb each others sleep. In our testing, we found Spindle performed exceptionally well limiting motion transfer. In this category, Spindle ranks as high or even higher than many memory foam beds we've tried. 

If you're looking for an Eco friendly, alternative, Spindle may be your answer. Natural latex, wool and organic cotton offer a healthy alternative. No polyurethanes or chemical fire retardants are used in production. 

Who will not like Spindle?

You may not want to purchase Spindle if you are opposed to doing some light assembly during set up. Spindle is delivered free to your door. No in home setup option is offered. The mattress is delivered in 3 boxes each containing 1 of 3 latex layers. the 3rd also contains the cover. Set up is quite simple but, a second set of hands is recommended. See our delivery section for complete set up information.

You'll probably not care for Spindle if you like an extremely soft mattress. If your preference has typically been an ultra plush or memory foam, Spindle will most likely feel too firm. Although natural latex offers great pressure relief, it does not have the deep body hug of some other mattress types.

If you are sensitive to odors, be aware that both natural latex and wool have a slight scent that although not unpleasant, may linger for a few days. These odors are neither strong nor offensive but, some will notice them more than others. Please note, this is only temporary and there are no chemical toxins being released. These are natural aromas that pass quickly.

Known allergies to wool or latex should prompt you to choose an alternative mattress. Latex is actually a contact allergy but assembly does require direct contact with the foam. Even if you are not involved with the actual setup, we recommend erring on the side of caution.

Does Spindle mattress sleep cool?

Any foam, man made or otherwise can at times retain a certain amount of heat. That said, Natural Dunlop Latex will sleep cooler than most synthetic materials like memory foam. The vast majority of sleepers will have no issues whatsoever with Spindle. As far as all foam mattresses go, it would be hard to find a cooler sleep surface. If you are one of the few who genuinely sleep hot (and you know who you are), you need to address more than your mattress. With any quality mattress, you should be using a mattress protector. Make sure it's breathable. Cotton breathes exceptionally well but bare in mind, it's not waterproof. there are a variety of GOR-TEX pads on the market that are breathable, waterproof and machine washable. As for the sheets, cotton is good, bamboo is better. Bamboo has a natural wicking quality that helps keep you cool. When it comes to sleeping cool, your mattress is only part of the equation. 


Spindle takes an environmentally responsible approach

Although the Company modestly downplays the “green” aspect, Spindle's natural latex mattress certainly has enough talking points to satisfy even the most stringent environmentalist.

rubber trees

Natural Latex:

This ten inch mattress consists of three, 3” layers of Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 certified Continuous Pour Natural Dunlop Latex. Natural latex is buoyant and resilient. It crates a sensation of floating on top of the mattress. It sleeps cool and has absolutely no off gassing issues. You might pick up a very mild, but not unpleasant natural scent. It's been sometimes compared to the aroma of almonds. This odor quickly dissipates and emits no dangerous toxins into the air.   

Natural Latex will have imperfections. No two pieces will look exactly the same and small blemishes or tears will not effect the mattress performance or longevity.

spindle mattress latex layers

Natural Wool:

Natural Wool Batting is obtained from sheep raised according to Pacific Northwest Eco-Wool standards.

Wool is a natural heat regulator. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It all happens due to wool's natural ability to wick away moisture and moderate temperature. On a cold night, wool pulls water vapor from the air keeping you warm. The opposite happens on a warm evening. The moisture absorbed in the fibers circulates back into the air; keeping you cool. These same unique qualities allow sheep to survive drastic climate changes.

natural wool

Natural Wool also creates a natural fire barrier. Spindle uses no chemical fire retardants.

Organic Cotton:

Organic Cotton is a healthier alternative to synthetic fabric. Cotton used in Spindle's mattress cover is grown without pesticides, pigments or bleach. The elasticity of the circular knit fabric allows for greater freedom of movement and complements the naturally buoyancy of the Latex.

Organic cotton is soft and comfortable but, also exceptionally durable. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton absorbs moisture and breathes easily. This allows you to sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

Whenever possible, cotton is purchased from US sources; typically, Texas and New Mexico. Final fabric is woven to Spindle's specifications in South Carolina. 

organic cotton

Comfort Options:

Spindle mattress has an online comfort calculator. It's designed to give you an estimate of what your ideal firmness level might be. Please note, it's more of a helpful tool than a science. Use your own judgement in determining what firmness level is best for you. If you've never slept on a Natural Latex mattress before, one of the biggest things to be aware of is just how much bounce and resiliency these mattresses possess. Natural Latex has its own unique feel. Although it is very pressure relieving, it does not have the deep body hug of Memory Foam. Use that thought to temper your expectations of how firm each comfort option will be. 

Click here to use Spindle's Comfort Calculator 

Or choose from the following firmness options:

Extra Firm: Although not as firm as the firmest innerspring, extra firm Dunlop Latex is a pretty robust feel. It should more than accommodate back or stomach sleepers who are seeking a very firm feel. For most side sleepers, the Extra Firm will be too firm to offer enough pressure relief for the shoulders and hips. It's important to not confuse firmness with support. All four options are equal in this regard. It's individual comfort requirements that vary.

Firm: If you want a firm mattress, but not a brick, the Firm might be the way to go. We still feel this mattress is best suited for back and stomach sleepers. Unless you are a side sleeper who knows that they feel most comfortable on this type of feel, consider the Medium or Soft.

Medium: We received the Medium for our evaluation and the general consensus was the mattress felt more like a Medium Firm than a Medium. If you decide Spindle is right for you but are on the fence about firmness level, consider this mattress. This level of firmness will accommodate the widest range of comfort preferences. Spindle makes adjusting comfort layers easy if necessary. 

We found the Medium to be quite comfortable while on our backs. There was enough firmness to maintain proper alignment and sufficient contouring to conform to the spine. While on our stomach, the Medium provided a really nice feel. It was firm enough to keep the lumbar area from sinking and soft enough to not create pressure points. Side sleeping was on this mattress is a little more subjective. Whether or not the Medium is soft enough will depend on your body type and personal preference. It should be soft enough for a a large percentage of side sleepers. However, if you prefer a bit more pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, we recommend trying the Soft.

Soft: If you are a side sleeper and know that you generally prefer a bit plusher feel, the Soft would be your best option. You'll still feel the bounce that natural latex is famous for but, with a bit more conformity for shoulders and hips. Please note, if you are a side sleeper who has always enjoyed sleeping on ultra plush pillow tops or super soft memory foam, Spindle's probably not for you.

Back sleepers who gravitate towards a plusher feel may also like this option. Because of the buoyant quality of Natural Latex, excessive body sink-age should not be a factor. For stomach sleepers, our recommendation is still the Medium or firmer. 


Spindle offers a full 10 Year Warranty. if you have a warranty claim during the first ten years — e.g. a sag exceeding 3/4″ Spindle will replace the defective materials at no charge. 

Comfort Guarantee:

365 Night Sleep Trial

The Spindle company will be the first to tell you, no one mattress is right for everyone. This is why they now offer a full 365 day money back guarantee. It's also why they go to such great lengths to convey just what you can expect from their mattress. For our part, we have tried to do the same. We share the common belief that full disclosure is always in everyone's best interest.

We recommend before returning your mattress, that you reach out to Spindle for assistance in getting the comfort right. Because of the convenient zippered cover, adjustments of comfort layers can be made quite easily.

Spindle does ask that you try your mattress out for a period of 60 days before making any returns or exchanges. This is actually done with your best interest in mind. This gives time for your body to adapt to your new mattress. Also, latex tends to break in a bit during this period; becoming slightly softer over time. If you are still having issues after 60 days, call Spindle and they will work with you to come up with the best solution.

                                                    w/coupon code

Twin:                  $899.99                 $854.99  

Twin XL             $949.99                 $902.49

Full:                    $1,249.99              $1,187.49  

Queen:              $1,349.99              $1,282.49

King:                   $1,699.99             $1,61499

Foundation Price:

Spindles foundation is an 8" knock down design that you must also put together. It's made of solid Canadian spruce and is easily assembled with no tools required. A matching fitted cotton cover is supplied. The importance of a foundation and frame can not be stressed enough. Inferior foundations can compromise the structural integrity of your mattress. Your Spindle mattress is best supported on a solid foundation, bunkie board or platform bed

Twin:                                              $199.99

Twin XL                                         $199.99 

Full:                                                $249.99 

Queen:                                          $274.99

King:                                              $399.99

Spindle Foundation


Spindle offers free shipping to your door, within the continental US. It typically arrives within 7 days via UPS. Your Spindle mattress will come packed in 3 separate boxes. Each will contain 3 layers of natural latex. One of these boxes will also contain your organic mattress cover. 

spindle mattress review - natural latex priced right!


At this point we highly recommend you watch Spindle's setup video. The process is really quite easy if you follow the simple instructions.

spindle mattress review - natural latex made affordable

Setup Procedures:

Spindle Mattress Packaging
Spindle Mattress Cover before adding latex

The box with your cover will clearly be marked "Open First". Carefully break open the seal while being cautious not to damage its contents. Remove and unwrap the cover and lay it across your foundation, making sure zipper access is at the foot of the bed. Unzip and remove the quilted top.

Tucking in the corner
latex in the open mattress cover

You can now open what will be the bottom layer of your mattress. unwrap and unroll the latex, making sure the smooth side is facing up. Carefully line up this layer as even as possible being alert not to pull so hard that you damage the latex. This is where a second set of hands really comes in handy. You can use a kind of flicking motion to move latex.

Gently, tuck and smooth the corners to create a bucket shape. If you have not done so already, watch the video. It clearly shows an easy technique that is very effective. repeat the process with the remaining layers.

Your Spindle mattress will quickly take shape. It does not have to be perfect. You can continue to smoothing and reshaping as you reattach the quilted cover. The whole process start to finish took us about 20 minutes and that included taking time to watch the instructional video. Our verdict is, the little bit of extra time spent is well worth the value you receive in exchange.

The Spindle Mattress

Spindle Conclusion:

By cutting out the middle man and operating on trim margins, Spindle has broken the price barrier for quality natural latex. What's also impressive is the company's unwavering dedication to great customer service. Natural Latex is a unique feel that's unlike any other foam. It's not right for everyone. But, for those who appreciate the bounce and resiliency this quality mattress offers, Spindle is an exceptional value. In our testing, Spindle's natural latex mattress performed as well or better than similar mattresses costing twice as much. We highly recommenced this mattress to anyone interested in the unique benefits of natural latex.


The Good Stuff:

  • Natural latex offers great body alignment while alleviating pressure points that can cause pain. 

  • Great value: Spindle's Natural Latex mattress is half the price of what you can expect to pay in a retail store.

  • Sleeps cool: While all foams have the potential to retain a certain amount of heat, natural latex sleeps cooler than synthetic materials like memory foam.

  • No off gassing:  The Spindle mattress is made from natural materials and emits no toxic chemicals. Wool creates a natural fire barrier. No chemical fire retardants are used.

  • Great for sex: Unlike memory foam, you sleep on latex, not in it. Spindle's buoyant, resilient feel creates great ease of movement.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Assembly is required for both the mattress and the foundation. This is a fair trade off for the lower than average price point.

  • May be too firm for some sleepers. This is particularity true if you already know you are most comfortable on super soft mattresses.

  • Not recommended if you have latex or wool allergies. We do acknowledge latex allergies are contact in nature and should pose no danger. However, we feel there are far too many other options available to take that chance.
Spindle Mattress latex layers

Is Spindle right for you?

Try this great value risk free with a 365 Day Comfort Guarantee!