Sleep Inertia

Everybody loves a good nap! Whether it is in the middle of a long day or that casual Sunday morning nap, it isn’t just a very refreshing activity; it’s also pretty fun! It has tons of benefits like restoring alertness, enhancing performance as well as reducing the chance of mishaps. On this page It may, … Read more

Chronic Snoring – Causes and Treatment

When you breathe loudly while sleeping making unpleasant, harsh, vibrating, rattling or sawing noises, it’s called snoring. When you snore most nights, even when you are not ill or suffering for any allergy symptoms, it’s called chronic snoring. Sometimes, snoring can get so loud that it can reach up to 100 decibels and this loud … Read more

Is Sleeping in a Hammock Bad for Your Back?

We can do anything for a good night’s sleep, isn’t it? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Research says people who are chronically sleep deprived are more likely to have weight-related issues, cardiovascular diseases, emotional distress and hypertension, than those who get good sleep. Don’t we do all we can to ensure we sleep … Read more

How Alcohol Affects Sleep

If you drink alcohol, be it wine, beer or a single malt regularly or even socially, you probably know that its consumption makes you sleepy at times. So don’t be surprised if we tell you that almost 20% of Americans use alcohol as a sleeping aid. But this habit, initially seemingly “harmless”, negatively impacts the … Read more

How Long Should I Nap?

If you have been literally “caught napping” on your desk in the past and have been called lazy for that, you need not feel guilty anymore. But now there is scientific evidence that napping has positive effects on your overall health. There are numerous studies available now that claim that napping enhances productivity, mood, alertness … Read more

What Is a Sleep Consultant?

The first six months to a year of your child’s life is vital due to a number of factors. One of the primary factors is sleep training, both for the child and for you, the parent. Children need sufficient time to discover a comfortable sleep pattern, while parents need to be patient and understand that … Read more

Benefits of Going to Bed Early

In today’s busy, capitalistic lives, most people follow a 24-hour schedule instead of stipulated hours for when they wake up and go to sleep. Flexible timings, late hours at work and stress also automatically push your bedtime further. But here’s the conundrum – just because you are spending more hours at work or thinking about … Read more

Why Do We Sleep

After a long day, everyone looks forward to coming back to their beds and getting some sleep that will recharge their energy levels for the next day of work. The act of sleeping comes naturally to human beings but have you ever wondered why do we need to sleep? When you’re thinking along these lines, … Read more