Latex for Less Mattress Review

Latex Mattress

Latex for Less Mattress
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Latex For Less was founded in 2014 in Camarillo, CA. It’s there where all final production is completed on their all-natural latex mattresses. The company has capitalized on the growing interest and demand for healthier, more natural sleep options. Although natural latex has been a desirable sleep option for decades, retail representation has been limited and expensive. The perception has been that these beds are all priced out of reach for the average consumer. The Latex For Less business model is to provide a quality natural latex mattress that everyone can afford. We’ll take a close look at whether or not they have fulfilled their promise.

Latex For Less offers an affordable quality natural latex mattress.

Latex For Less Mattress Highlights

  • 100% Natural latex offers buoyant, pressure relieving support
  • Flippable two sided comfort
  • Resists dust mites naturally - reduces allergies
  • Latex For Less uses natural, non chemical fire retardants
  • Great value


This flippable mattress has both a firm and a soft side. The top two layers on either side are made from organic cotton and natural wool. The middle layers consist of either natural dunlop or talalay latex.

Latex for Less Mattress Layers

Layers 1 – Organic Ultra Soft Cotton

This fabric is stretched (not woven) for additional softness. Natural organic cotton is breathable and sleeps cool.

Layer 2 – Natural Wool

Wool is a natural heat regulator. It draws moisture away from your body, keeping you cool. Natural wool also exceeds US standards for fire safety. No dangerous chemical barriers are used.

Layers 3 & 4 – Natural latex

The middle two layers of this mattress consist of natural latex. Rubber tree sap is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees of Sri-Lanka. ARPICO Dunlop latex is used for the firm side. The medium side is made from natural Talalay latex.

The 7” and 9” mattresses both use 2” of natural Talalay latex. Talalay uses a few extra processing steps to produce a softer, more consistent foam. It also offers a bit more bounce and responsiveness than dunlop.

The 7” mattress uses 4” of natural Dunlop latex. Dunlop has less give and is ideal as the surface for the firm and support for the medium side. Two additional inches of dunlop are added to the 9” to enhance support and comfort.


  • Organic cotton cover – GOTS Certification
  • 100% Natural Talalay – Oeko-Tex 100 Certification
  • 100% Natural Dunlop – Oeko-INSTITUT Certification
  • Our 100% natural wool – Oeko-Tex 100 Certification

Learn more about Organic Mattress Certifications.

Latex For Less Mattress Rating

Overall Value


Overall rating reflects the combined scores of all values. The categories have been weighted in our calculations based on their individual importance.



Don’t underestimate what two additional inches of latex can offer. 9” is about the minimum standard for attaining decent support. Even the 9” profile may not be enough structure for those whose weight exceeds 270 lbs. Our experience tells us that is about the threshold for natural latex mattresses of this thickness. Conversely, the 7” may be just fine for a more petite, lightweight individual.

Pressure Relief


The (medium) Talalay side will offer the greatest amount of pressure relief. Unlike memory foam, latex has bounce and buoyancy. You lay in it, not on it. That said, there is still enough contouring for most sleepers.

Motion Transfer


Like most natural latex mattresses, this bed performs well. Natural latex limits motion detection and partner sleep disturbance.

Ease of Movement


You should find movement free and easy on this mattress. You’ll find more bounce and less sinkage.

Sleeps Cool


While all foams retain some heat, natural latex sleeps far cooler than synthetic foams.



Natural latex when new sometimes gives off a mild non-offensive odor some have compared to the scent of almonds. This quickly dissipates and poses no danger. Natural latex emits absolutely no toxins. Latex For Less also uses no chemical fire retardants. Natural wool acts as an exceptional fire barrier.



Natural latex disperses your weight evenly throughout the mattress. Expect many years of solid comfort and support.

Edge Support


While sitting on any latex mattress, you will not be overwhelmed with edge support. However, lesser edge support is not a flaw so much as a characteristic of any springless mattress.

Sex Friendly


Natural latex has great ease of mobility and bounce.

Trial Period


Latex For Less comes with a 120 day comfort trial. If you are dissatisfied with your mattress, return it for full credit. Often there can be an adjustment period when purchasing a new bed. We recommend taking a good 30 days for your body to adapt before returning your mattress.



Latex For less offers a 20 year non prorated warranty. All repairs are made at the company’s discretion.



Free delivery is available within the contiguous US.

Money Value


If you are set on purchasing a natural latex mattress, the Latex for Less mattress is an exceptional value. Similar retail store options may cost up to 3x as much.

Latex For Less Mattress Comfort / Firmness Options

  • Softest
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5Medium
  • 6
  • 7Firm
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • Firmest

Flip your mattress – change the firmness

The differing characteristics of natural Talalay and Dunlop latex make choosing your firmness easy. Not sure which feel is right for you? Flip your mattress and change from medium to firm, or vice versa. Age, weight, and physical condition all play a role in determining individual comfort. Keep this in mind when choosing the 7” or 9” mattress. Heavier people will experience better structural support from the 9” model.

On your back…

Most back sleepers require a firm but not too firm feel. The idea is to stay in proper alignment but still have decent pressure relief. Both the firm and medium sides fall into this category. Having two comfort feels in one mattress increases your odds of getting it right. 

On your side…

Most but not all side sleepers will appreciate the medium sides softer more forgiving feel. The firm side may prove to be a little too rigid. 

On your stomach…

Stomach sleepers will typically gravitate toward the firmer side of this mattress. It offers excellent alignment and keeps your back from sinking too deep. A lighter weight sleeper will not be absorbed into the mattress as far. For this reason, they may find the softer side more comfortable. Either way, most stomach sleepers should find their sweet spot here.

Latex For Less Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Ease of movement: Bounce and buoyancy are characteristics of quality natural latex. Movement is free and easy.
  • Sleeps cool: Natural latex, organic cotton and natural wool keep you from overheating.
  • Flippable design offers two comfort feels.
  • Pressure relief: While not as contouring as memory foam, natural latex offers a nice amount of pressure relief.
  • 20 Year Warranty: This warranty is twice the length of most other coverages.
  • An affordable price point makes this mattress a great value.


  • Not recommended if you have latex or wool allergies. Most latex allergies are caused by direct contact and should pose no danger. However, we feel there are far too many other options available to take that chance.
  • 7” model may not provide adequate support for bigger body types. We recommend the 9” model for medium to heavier sized people.

Who Will Like This Mattress

Those seeking a natural toxin free mattress will appreciate Latex for Less.

If you prefer more bounce and less sinkage, this mattress will be right for you. Natural latex is very buoyant. You lay on it, not in it.

Couples who want less sleep partner disturbance will enjoy the low motion transfer.

If you prefer a cooler sleep, this mattress will be right for you. Natural latex is far less heat retentive than memory foam.

Those in search of multiple firmness options can choose their preference by simply flipping the mattress.

If you’re looking for a good buy, you’ll find Sleep On Latex to be an exceptional value.

Who Will Not Like This Mattress

Memory foam lovers who prefer deep body hug and conformity will not like this mattress. It’s a personal preference; not a question of right or wrong.

Latex or wool allergy sufferers should consider other safer options.

Large individuals may need more support than what the 7” or 9” can offer.

Latex For Less Mattress Unboxing and Setup

Estimated delivery time is 7 – 10 business days. It takes 5 – 7 days to manufacture and 3 – 5 days in transit. Ship times will vary depending on location. Your mattress will be delivered to your door free of charge. Weighing over 100 lbs., an extra set of hands will come in handy when setting this bed up. A white glove in home delivery is available for $299 but does not include removal of your old bedding. With assistance, you can save this fee and set yourself quite easily.


Name Type Price Delivery Trial Warranty Rating
Latex For Less Mattress Latex Mattress $899 Free 120 days 20 years 89.5
Spindle Natural Latex Mattress Natural Latex Mattress $1,299.99 Free 365 days 10 years 92
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress $1,499 -$2,199 Free 100 days 25 years 95.5


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38" x 75" 9" $699, 7" $599
Twin XL 38" x 80" 9" $749, 7" $649
Full 54" x 75" 9" $879, 7" $749
Queen 60" x 80" 9" $899, 7" $799
King 76" x 80" 9" $1,299, 7" $999
Cal King 72" x 84" 9" $1,299, 7" $999
Split King (Set of 2) 38" x 80" 9" $1,449, 7" $1,298
Split Queen (Set of 2) 30" x 80" 9" $1,449, 7" Unavailable
Split Cal King (Set of 2) 36" x 84" 9" $1,449, 7" Unavailable


Latex For Less offers quality at a great price. You’ll end up paying 3x more at a retail store for a similar mattress.


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