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Muse Sleep Mattress Review – Cool Sleeping Comfort

Muse Sleep Mattress

Product Name:

Muse Sleep Mattress

Product Type:

Memory Foam Mattress


Standard Queen Mattress  $950


If you’re looking for a cool sleeping memory foam mattress that will provide enough support for sleepers of every type, the Muse Sleep mattress might be right for you.

The Muse Sleep bed incorporates the biggest advantages of memory foam mattresses into a patented formula which combines a gel swirl memory foam that makes for a cool and breathable sleeping experience. With the Muse Sleep mattress, heat won’t get in the way of snoozing.

In this Muse Sleep bed review, we’ll walk you through all of the features of the Muse Sleep mattress and compare each of them to the competitors that the bed has in the rest of the market.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the importance of sleeping cool, you’ll find that the Muse Sleep bed measures up favorably to some of the offerings by the biggest players’ most expensive offerings. Part of the reason for this is the attention to detail and technological approach that Muse Sleep brings to its mattress design philosophy.

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Company Bio:

Muse is an American company with offices in the US, China, and France. With an abundance of high tech sleep science know-how, the leadership of Muse seeks to offer a customized sleeping experience at an affordable price.

How Long Has Muse Been In Business?

Operating since December 2016, Muse Sleep has made a splash in the mattress business by combining multiple engineering breakthroughs in mattress technology into one package to offer a powerful and subtle bed that defies expectations.

What Type Of Mattress Does Muse Make?

Muse Sleep makes a memory foam mattress that’s optimized for superior cool sleeping properties. If you’re a hot sleeper, the Muse Mattress may be the answer to your insomnia.

Where Are Muse Mattresses Made?

Muse Sleep mattresses are designed and made domestically in the USA. Some elements of the outer cover are made from imported materials because they can’t be found here at home. 


muse mattress diagram

The Muse Sleep mattress is a stack of several different materials that are combined into the same package for superior sleeping characteristics.

In the Muse mattress, you’ll find a cooling cover, gel infused foam, the responsive comfort foam of your choice, and a supportive foundation foam. The magic of the Muse Sleep mattress begins with the cooling cover, which uses the Cold Wire Plus phase-changing cooling fabric. The Cold Wire Plus absorbs heat that’s generated as you sleep and prevents that heat from bothering you while you sleep. 

Aside from the mattress’ cooling properties, its comfort and support foams ensure that the bed transfers very little motion and relieves pressure with ease.

For the comfort foam, you can pick between soft, medium, or firm insets. Each comfort foam is a different density which creates a different sleeping feeling so that you’ll get exactly the kind of bed that you want.

Transparency matters

Unlike many other companies, Muse Sleep is exceedingly transparent regarding the construction and components which go into their mattress. Because of their openness, consumers who buy from Muse Sleep can rest assured that they won’t get any surprises regarding the components of their bed. 

ULTRA-COOL WASHABLE COVER: Premium 480 GSM (grams per square meter) Proprietary Cold Wire Fabric made of Polyethylene and Polyester knitted yarns.

TEMPERATURE REGULATING GEL FOAM: 2" of 4 lbs. density wave gel swirl memory foam.


The Soft Mattress - 2" of 3 lbs density memory foam with lower deflection value for a softer feel.

The Medium Mattress - 2" of 3 lbs density memory foam with a slightly higher deflection value. This creates a well balanced feel.

The Firm Mattress - 2" of 2.3 lbs density High Grade Flex Foam with an even higher deflection value. This creates Muse's most supportive feel.

SUPPORTIVE FOUNDATION: The Muse Sleep mattress is constructed with an excellent foundation made from 8 inches of two-pound density core support flex foam. It's then covered in high quality fabric. This foundation will last many years because of its quality materials. No matter how much sleeping the foam has to endure, it’ll keep bouncing back into the right shape without fail.

Available Comfort Options And Firmness Options

In contrast to most bed in the box mattresses, the Muse Sleep mattress is customizable to your preferences for firmness and comfort.

If you’re not sure what firmness is right for you, take the Sleep Personality Quiz on Muse Sleep’s website. Taking the Sleep Personality Quiz will explain which firmness is the best one for your body and why.

By having a few options to pick from and getting the expert’s opinion via the quiz, you’ll be a more informed consumer and also sleep better as a result. There are three options which the Sleep Personality Quiz will suggest: firm, medium, and soft.

The Firm is typically  best for back and stomach sleepers but may be a bit too hard for side sleepers because of the force the bed pushes back with at concentrated points like the elbows and shoulders. The memory foam has enough give to accommodate these sleeping styles, but depending on your body type, it may be uncomfortable.

The Medium is a great alternative because it’s unlikely to clash with anyone’s sleeping style. The medium bed is perfect for couples who have contrasting sleeping styles, and many people will find it to be very comfortable. Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the medium will feel good.

The Soft is for people who are dedicated side sleepers or for those who alternate between side and back sleeping. Because this option has a lot of give, the pressure points of the shoulders, hips, and elbows won’t cause you pain—the memory foam will conform to their shape rather than pushing back against it.


The Muse Sleep mattress can show up at your door faster than other mattresses that you get in the mail. Using the free shipping option, you’ll only have to wait between five and seven days before you can unpack your bed and get ready to start having superior quality sleep.

The Muse Sleep mattress arrives in a box, in which the mattress is rolled and compressed in sealed plastic. The seal prevents any bedbugs or other pests from infecting the bed and also keeps out allergens like pollen or ambient dust.

Who is the shipper?

While the shipping company may vary, the Muse Sleep company will be the only one shipping the mattress. The mattress will arrive at your doorstep and be a quick setup away from being ready to lull you to sleep.

How easy is it to set up?

The mattress weighs about 75 pounds, which means that you may need a hand getting it out of the box and into its resting place.

Once you maneuver the bed into the bedroom, it needs to be unpacked from the plastic seal. After this, the mattress needs to decompress and aerate, which should take only an hour or two. After the mattress aerates, you can start sleeping on it that very night. 


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Twin:                                       $650

Twin XL                                  $650

Full:                                         $850

Queen:                                   $950

King:                                       $1,100

Cal King:                                $1,100

Muse Sleep Mattress Corner View


The Muse Sleep mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, provided that you retain your purchase receipt. You’ll only get the Muse Sleep warranty if you use the mattress for normal purposes and buy it from a licensed dealer.

If the mattress is defective and doesn’t maintain its shape over the course of the warranty, consumers can redeem it for one of similar type by Muse Sleep’s discretion. Given the great build quality of the mattress, you shouldn’t expect to have to cash in on the warranty.

Comfort Guaranty:

120 Night Guarantee

Buying a mattress is a major decision, and it’s not one that many people are willing to take without a quick sampling of the mattress’ ability to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.

Luckily, Muse Sleep offers an extremely generous trial sleeping period which you can use to judge the mattress’ effectiveness for your sleeping style and preferences. In the 120-night trial period, you can get a full four months experience with your mattress before committing to keeping it or not.

If you decide that the Muse Sleep mattress isn’t for you, returning it is as easy as getting in touch with your retailer and getting the wheels in motion for receiving a full refund.

Muse mattress conclusion:

Making an objective decision about buying a Muse Sleep mattress warrants a quick rundown of the pros and cons that the mattress provides.


The Good Stuff:
  • Technological bed that guarantees cool sleeping

  • Very long trial period

  • Generous return policy

  • Waterproofing to protect against sweat

  • Customizable firmness for superior comfort

  • Low motion transference
The Bad Stuff:
  • Mattress requires time after unboxing before it is usable

  • Warranty requires notification of issues within five days of them occurring and subsequent ceasing of use of the bed.

Who Will Like This Mattress And Why?

In general, the Muse Sleep mattresses are the best for those who sleep hot. The Muse Sleep mattresses have extremely powerful cooling technology which can even make the mattress cold to the touch, which means that it does a great job of wicking away heat during sleep. 

You'll like Muse Sleep if you're looking for great support and pressure relief at an awesome price. Having multiple firmness options to choose from is a big plus also.

Who Will Not Like This Mattress And Why?

Quite frankly, some people just prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress. It's a matter of personal preference; not a question of right or wrong. Although memory foam mattresses are very popular, some sleepers just don't like the feel of an all foam bed.

How Does The Muse Sleep Mattress Measure Up To The Competition?

The Must Sleep mattress has a lot of competitors who also claim to provide a superior cooling and comfortable memory foam combination—but are they as good as the Muse Sleep mattress? In this section, we’ll take a quick look at some of the Muse Sleep mattress’ competitors and offer a quick comparison so that you’ll know what the rest of the market looks like for similar beds.


  • Only 100-night trial period
  • Open-cell foam technology for cooling
  • Different firmness at different points in the mattress
  • More expensive
  • Not customizable - Only one firmness level available.
  • Casper will not disclose foam densities; can't compare specs. 


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Costs more for additional cooling cover
  • Only 100-night trial period
  • Foam may feel chunky
  • Not customizable - Only one firmness level available.


  • Pressure relieving technology may be too soft for some users
  • Temperature neutral grid foam design without active cooling
  • Heavily motion isolating
  • Free mattress installation and removals
  • Not customizable - Only one firmness level available.


  • Gel memory foam construction for circulating air and contouring to body
  • Made with certified toxin-free materials
  • Endless warranty
  • 365-day trial period
  • Less expensive


  • Closed cell foam mattress heats up quickly
  • Highly rated for customer satisfaction
  • Comes in a variety of firmness levels
  • Much more expensive

Getting Ready For Bed

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Muse Sleep mattress and a few of its competitors, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to greet you when you head to bed.

When you purchase the Muse Sleep mattress, you’ll get a mattress that works with your body to keep you cool during the night no matter what your preference for firmness is, unlike with other memory foam mattresses.

As though that weren’t enough, the Muse Sleep mattress is customizable to your fancy, meaning that—once again, unlike other memory foam mattresses—you can pick the perfect firmness for your sleeping style.
Whether or not your partner has the same sleeping style as you, the Muse Sleep bed will prevent you from being awoken by their tossing and turning, which is a huge benefit.

There are beds that are more expensive and also beds that are less expensive than the Muse Sleep bed, but few can boast as much value. Unlike with other expensive beds, the Muse Sleep bed is durable, comes with a stellar warranty, and an extensive trial period.

Unlike with inexpensive beds, the Muse Sleep bed isn’t about to break on you or get less firm with time.

The power of applied technology is on your side with the Muse Sleep bed—so why not try it tonight?

muse sleep mattress review

Is Muse Sleep right for you? 

 Muse Sleep is an exceptional value! Try it risk free today!