Understanding Organic Mattress Certifications

understanding organic mattress certifications

​New standards build consumer confidence and trust The next big thing in bedding is the emergence of organic mattress companies. Understanding Organic Mattress Certifications is essential information when researching natural sleep options. Organic certifications, aspire to the stricktest of standards. Greener, more sustainable materials offer a healthier sleep environment. This is particularly true for children or allergy … Read more

The Rise of Online Mattress Companies

The rise of online mattress companies is an epic underdog story. No competitive business environment epitomizes the David and Goliath concept better. It started with a whisper around 10 years ago when Bedlnabox became the first challenger to test the waters. The initial impact was more of a ripple than a tidal wave. However, their … Read more

Latex vs Memory Foam

What to consider when comparing…Latex vs Memory Foam is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are popular alternatives to innerspring mattresses and each have their own distinctive characteristics. Determining which is best for you is a personal preference based on a variety of factors. Our comparison guide will cover the common features and benefits of both.Memory Foam … Read more

Air Mattresses Buying Guide

Air mattresses provide adjustable support and firmness. This allows for customization for either sleep partner. Pros: Adjustable support and firmness are unique attributes. This allows for customization for either sleep partner. In a king size bed, each side has its own adjustments. Consumers report above average pain relief as well as, above average longevity. Cons: … Read more

Pillow Buying Guide

  Having the right pillow is one of the most overlooked aspects of attaining a good night’s sleep. Being well rested has unquestioned physical and psychological benefits and the proper pillow selection can help. The wrong choice may worsen neck and shoulder pain as well as arm numbness (1). Although the right pillow will not … Read more

Mattress Protector Guide

Why Buy a Mattress Protector? Before begining our conversation, lets discuss the difference between a mattress protector and a mattress pad. A mattress pad is a quilted cover (often cotton) that provides a minimal amount of protection for your mattress. They are offered in various thicknesses and provide additional levels of softness. If you have … Read more