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Loom & Leaf

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Memory foam


Standard Queen Mattress $1,099 (See price for all sizes)


Loom & Leaf, a division of the Saatva, is as another superb value from this solid American crafted bedding company. By using high density plant based Memory Foam, the company delivers quality mattresses while remaining invironmenatlly responsible. Our Loom & Leaf review will explore all the relevent features so you can decide if this mattress is right for you!


The Organic Cotton cover with natural thistle flame retardant is both cool and comfortable.

Spinal Zone Gel, offers additional cooling and support.

 5 lb. density premium Plant Based Memory Foam then provides both conformity and support great pressure relief.

The base is constructed of dual Layer, breathable support foam. Also plant based, it provides great air flow and additional cooling.

Comfort Options:

Loom & Leaf’s Firm or Relaxed Firm models provide provide two sleep comfort options based on personal personal preference an sleep habits.

Firm​: Back, stomach and some sleepers will enjoy this bed. This version offers great support and alingment while still providing pressure relief. Either way, Loom and Leaf remains an exceptional value for those seeking a supportive, comfortable and affordable mattress!

Relaxed Firm: ​Most side sleepers will gravitate towards the Relaxed Firm for additional conformity. No ones body is perfectly flat; especially while on your side. Extra pressure relief for shoulders and hips makes this mattress the ideal choice.


"White Glove" in home delivery and set up is free! This is extreamly rare for an online mattress company. Most competitors will only drop your mattress off at your doorstep. The companies that do provide this service usually charge a fee for this convenience. Your Loom & Leaf mattress will be be made to order and typically ships between 9 - 18 days. Once your mattress is built, you will be notified and delivery will be scheduled.

                   Mattress               Foundation

Twin:            $699                          $150

Twin XL       $799                          $150

Full:              $949                          $150

Queen:        $1,099            $250/Splits $285

King:            $1,499                       $300

Cal King:     $1,499                       $300


*Foundations are all available in standard 8.75" or 4.75 Low profile sizes at the same price.

Add an Adjustable Base


The Lineal™ Adjustable Base by Saatva works with all Loom & Leaf mattresses.

Do you and your sleep partner want individual adjustability?

Combine 2 Twin XL mattresses and adjustable bases for side by side individual adjustability!

Visit Saatva.com for additional information and pricing...


"White Glove" in home delivery and set up is free. The only other companies we have reviewed that provide this service charge a fee. Loom & Leaf mattresses are made to order and typically ship in 9 - 18 days.


15 Year Non-Prorated Warranty: Loom & Leaf's warranty is very customer friendly but does come with a few stipulations:

The first 2 years: Saatva will replace your Loom & Leaf Mattress at no charge if deemed defective.

Years 3 - 15: Saatva will repair and re-cover your Loom & Leaf Mattress. A $99 fee will be charged for shipping with no other fees applied.

Fairness Replacement Option: This is where Zenhaven by Saatva separates itself from the competition. When using the "Fairness Option", you get to KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS. In years 3 - 5, your mattress will be replaced for 25% of its original value. In years 6 - 10, it will be replaced for 50% of its original value. In years 11 - 15, that percentage goes to 75%. The only other fee charged is the $99 delivery fee. This program is a secondary supplement to the standard warranty and takes place at the customer's discretion. This allowance is made "instead" of repair of your mattress; not in addition to repair.

Comfort Guarantee:

    120 Day Comfort Trial

Loom & Leaf promises complete customer satisfaction. If not fully satisfied, the entire cost of your mattress less a $99 handling fee will be refunded. Loom & Leaf never restocks or resells returned mattresses. Simply call their service department for pick up. 

Loom & Leaf Conclusion:

​Loom & Leaf makes a quality Memory Foam mattress that bridges the gap between budget and luxury. It far exceeds the standard of typical bed in the box mattresses. Loom & Leaf understands that "luxury" doesn't come in a box. This mattress compares favorably to manufacturers charging double the price.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable. BestSlumber utilizes an aggregation of customer reviews from a wide variety of sources. We found overwhelmingly favorable comments everywhere we looked. From the quality of the product to their over the top service, Loom & Leaf received rave reviews! Even those who opted to take advantage of Loom & Leaf's generous return policy reported that the overall experience was good.True, no company pleases everyone. There were a few minor issues reported involving deliveries or order processing delays. However, these issues were few and far between.


The Good Stuff:
  • Motion Isolation: Loom & Leaf's 5lb density Memory Foam limits motion detection. This dramatically how much you feel your sleep partners movements.
  • Pressure relief: Loom & Leaf offers superior pressure relief and conformity.
  • Price: Loom & Leaf Mattress is an exceptional value. Its half the price of similar speced retail offerings.
  • Reduced off gassing and Heat retention: This is usually a topic that ends up on the Con side of the ledger. Although a small percentage of owners still report these issues, Complaints are signifigantly lower than the majority of Memory Foam mattresses.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Reduced ease of Movement: Like most memory foam mattresses, changing positions and overall ease of movement rates lower than innerspring or latex mattresses.
  • Sex: Because Memory foam lacks the same bounce and ease of movement as other sleep options it ranks lower in this category.
  • Edge suport: According to Sleeplikethedead.com, 1 in 7 (roughly 15%) of owners report dissatisfaction with edge support. To be fair, this complaint seem more common among heavier individuals.
  • Durability: Bassed on the limited data available, longevity appears to rank in the "Fair" category.

Loom & Leaf right for you?

Based on our assesment, Loom & Leaf is a great value! This mattress is well priced and backed with remakable service. For those looking for a quality Memory Foam bed, we highly recommend Loom & Leaf!​

Loom & Leaf Customer Reviews...

Two Words - Awesome Sleep

I received my Loom and Leaf Luxury Firm California King mattress three days ago. I don't want to leave my bed in the morning. I had replaced a Sleep Number-type airbed that I had for 10 years. No more air leaking mattresses and broken pumps. No more waking in the middle of the night to refill air in the mattress. I have been in a dead sleep for three nights in a row. Train coming through the bedroom would have not awakened me. Could not be happier. Had some issues with the delivery company - not Loom and Leaf and they straightened it out promptly. I would highly recommend this mattress.

After 20 years of dissapointing matttresses, finally happy sleepers!

We've slept on them all, waterbeds, latex, memory foam and innersprings. None of them could please us both. Either too soft, too firm, squishy or downright torturous we decided to try the L&L relaxed firm and after just three nights we are hard pressed to get out of bed in the morning. No more stiff backs, pressure soreness or neck and shoulder pain. My husband is sleeping through the night for the first time in over 20 years and I'm waking with no pain in my joints or back. This is truly the Goldilocks mattress we've been searching for.

Thank you Saatva for a wonderful buying experience and oh so exceptional customer service. We originally ordered the Saatva Luxury Firm and though a gorgeous mattress it wasn't riight for me. The exchange went smoothly and 13 days later our L&L was delivered by a quality delivery service.

Let's Be Honest....

Great memory foam feel
Low motion transfer
Edge support better than expected
Great bang for buck

Sleeps hot sometimes
Delivery takes time

Coming from a Stearns & Foster mattress, this mattress has blown our minds in terms of quality for the price. Great memory foam feel, but don't be surprised on a muggy evening, hot sleepers may sweat where contact it made with the mattress.

Every review I read gave the edge support a low rating. I had trouble interpreting this into how I sleep, as I sleep close to the edge. There are no issues and we often sleep 2 adults, a 3 and 5 year old to a Queen size mattress(two heads per end of the bed). This mattress provides plenty of edge support.

I will likely order again for my kids mattress as they transition from toddler beds.

I love my mattress!! Good quality,great price !

I purchased my relaxed firm mattress back in August. I wanted to wait awhile before leaving a review. So after several months of sleeping on my mattress I couldn't be happier! Thank you SAATVA for making such an incredible product at an affordable price!!

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