How to Sleep Through Noise

If you struggle with sleep deprivation from noisy surroundings, you have to find a way to address it. Anything from noisy neighbors, roommates, loud noises from the street or something as little as a leaking faucet could be the cause of your sleepless nights. To get out of the mess of sleep deprivation, read ahead, and find out what works best for you.

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    How to Block out Loud Noises

    The noises around you that disrupt your sleep are the main antagonist when it comes to your peaceful sleep. If there is no way that you can get sleep in silence, you have to find a way to block out those loud noises. Sometimes, the noise is not even that loud, but it still distracts you from falling asleep, so you have to find a way to block out all loud noises. Here are some ways that can help you achieve the same:

    Ear Plugs

    • White Noise Machine:white noise machine will help you block all the external sounds that are causing a hindrance to your sleep. These are also available as smartphone apps. They produce calming sounds such as waves gently crashing, TV static buzz, rain, crickets, flowing water, jungle noises, and more.
    • Noise-Canceling Headphones: You can also opt for noise-canceling headphones that will block out all external sounds and help you achieve peaceful sleep. They might not work for you if you don’t like to feel restricted while in bed. The size of the headphones must also be taken into consideration while buying them as you want to give yourself the freedom of turning while in your sleep.
    • Earplugs: Use some earplugs, and those will help you block out all the noise around you. Block out snoring and other distractions.
    • Soothing Music: This is an effective way to make your body sleep to a rhythm. Play some soothing music after you are in bed to block all the external noise. Concentrate on the music itself to make you fall asleep. To select the music, you can choose anything from classical to jazz, anything that helps you in falling asleep is the soundtrack for you.
    • Block Out the Cause: Shut windows and doors to block out noises from your neighbors and roommates.

    How to Sleep with Noise

    If you can’t block out the sounds, you can better prepare yourself to sleep both mentally and physically. Here are some ways you can achieve peaceful sleep while living in a noisy environment:

    • Tire Yourself during the Day: If you tire yourself quite a lot during the day, chances are you will fall asleep once your head hits the pillow. If your job doesn’t tire you as much, you can indulge in other activities like sports, running, working out, so your body feels physically tired at the end of the day.
    • Set up a Routine: This can include a hot shower, brushing your teeth, soaking your feet in warm water or even drinking herbal tea. After you have a set routine by working out what works best for you, you can achieve peaceful sleep as soon as you get to bed.
    • Relax Your Body and Breath: Relaxing your breath is the key to achieving peaceful sleep. Deep breathing is a major factor in controlling your sleeping pattern. Concentrating on your breathing can help you stay distracted from the noises around you. By relaxing your body, you can feel the tension release and combined with a soothing breathing technique; this will help you fall asleep in a routine fashion.
    • Avoid Energy Drinks after 5 pm: To attain peaceful sleep at a decent hour, you have to start preparing for it early in the day. For this, you can start by avoiding energy drinks, sugary drinks, and coffee or other caffeinated drinks after 5 pm. These beverages can hamper your sleep cycle. Avoiding all kinds of energy drinks can make you feel exhausted by night time which will help you fall asleep faster.
    • Bodily Rhythm: There is a reason why babies fall asleep faster while being rocked. Moving the body in a rhythmic pattern can help you fall asleep. You might be too big for a cradle, but there are other ways for you to achieve the same effect. Try tapping your foot or finger to create a simple and soothing rhythm.
    • Count Sheep: Counting sheep is an age-old solution for falling asleep. Engaging your mind in a simple repetitive pattern will help you tune out the surrounding noises. Maintaining focus is key. If not counting sheep, find some form of distraction that works for you.
    • Request Others to Make Less Noise: If you are living in a noisy house, your best bet is to request the people you are living with to make less noise. Politely talk to them and make them understand your problem. The people you live with affect your life profoundly and sleeping is an important part of your everyday life.

    Side Effects of Lack of Sleep

    Cat Yawning

    If the noise around bothers you too much and you can’t fall asleep, you have to figure out a way to do so as it can have adverse effects on your health. The brain, which is the center of your bodily activities, starts facing some problems if the body is not receiving the average 8-hour sleep every night. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, loss of cognitive abilities, and memory can occur if your brain is not getting enough rest during the night. The problems caused due to sleep deprivation can have a lasting impact on your health so you should take immediate steps to correct the lack of sleep that you are facing.

    What to Do Now

    Try these techniques, and hopefully, you will achieve what you have been daydreaming about, uninterrupted sleep. If these techniques don’t work for you, consider consulting a sleep specialist and discuss your issue.


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