Essentia Mattress Review


Bionda by Essentia

The Bionda, is the newest groundbreaking introduction from the Canadian manufacturer Essentia. This GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic Latex mattress provides superior spinal alignment.

Going Green never felt so good!

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​Although it still has the buoyant responsiveness one would expect from latex, it has a much softer feel than most competitive brands in this category. This bed is an awesome choice for side sleepers in search of enough pressure relief for the shoulders and hips while not sacrificing support in any way.

Three separate layers of uniquely designed organic Latex combine for 8” of support, contouring and comfort. A thin layer of Bucaneve Wrap acts as a protective layer to reduce friction and wear. The mattress is then topped with a durable but soft soft, organic cotton cover that is easily removed for cleaning. The choice of cotton over wool was made based on hygienic reasons. Unlike wool, cotton does not provide a breeding ground that dust mites to thrive in. This all means allergy sufferers can breath a little easier!

​​The 2" Euro style pillow top is made of Hyper Soft foam & gel to provide great conformity and pressure relief. A Tincel covering creates a natural wicking action providing a cooler more comfortable sleep surface. Tincel is OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, assuring it is safe and suitable for children.

There is beauty in simplicity and Essentia brings it all home with the Bionda. Now for the even better news… this bed is priced far below most competitive brands with similar feature orientation.

The Bottom Line:

The Bionda by Essentia is an exceptional value for those seeking the comfort and purity of Natural Latex. This mattress has earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from in our best mattresses under $2,000 catagory!