Is There A Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mattress?

If you google this question you’ll find plenty of sites suggesting certain holidays or specific months that yield better savings. But, for those looking for that magical time of year that’s best to make your purchase, you may be disappointed with our answer. During 18 years of experience in the bedding industry, we’ve found little evidence to support such a time exists. Pretty much every retail store sale is pitched as the best price of the year, and they’re not wrong. When the price doesn’t change with each passing promotion, every sale is the best price of the year. Contrary to popular belief, Labor day, the 4th of July, and Veterans day are no more advantageous time of year to make a purchase. All things considered, the best time to buy a mattress is when you need a mattress.

Retail stores generally have huge markups, even when they’re running sales. Be prepared to negotiate. Depending on the retailer, you may save anywhere from 5% – 20%. The worst they can say is no, so don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. If you’re offered a better price, don’t be pressured into making a decision if you’re uncertain. A salesperson or their manager may sometimes try to strong-arm you into making your purchase on the spot. They might even tell you the price is only available right now and will not be honored later if you walk out the door. Don’t believe them! Your money will be just as good tomorrow.

Purchasing a mattress online is a different experience but, like retail stores, prices rarely change drastically. You won’t be able to negotiate a deal but, overall online pricing is much lower than comparable retail products. Selling direct to consumers reduces overhead and helps keep costs stay low. Special coupons or bonus discounts are typically available on a regular basis so be sure to take advantage of them. Shopping from the comfort of your own home also eliminates the stress of haggling over price.

Regardless of where or how you purchase your mattress, take your time and research all your options. No matter what time of year it is, there are good buys to be found. Remember, a mattress is a long-term investment. Be sure to focus on overall value rather than price alone.


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