A List of the Best Sleep Trackers

Our lives are becoming so busy, there is little time to catch up on sleep or think about how well you’re sleeping. The sleep tracker is a simple device that can give you a reality check about the kind of sleep you have been getting. Now, there is no doubt that sleep is important. But what are the phases of sleep you’re experiencing and how many hours of deep sleep are you getting every night? Track everything from the number of hours to the quality and type of sleep including light and REM sleep. A good sleep tracker will provide you with all the relevant information. The following list covers six of the best sleep trackers, take a look!

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    Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

    Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), this sleep monitor from Beautyrest is a wonderful way to transform the way you sleep. It is one of the only sleep monitoring devices that is Alexa enabled and can turn your bed into a smart bed. A non-wearable solution that works with any kind of mattress, box spring or bedding, this sleep tracker from Beautyrest is extremely easy to use. Its sensors get the information spot on, making it one of the most accurate sleep trackers. It is intuitive, powerful and can be customized to every individual’s specific needs. What sets it apart is that it is a dedicated sleep tracker and the fact that it can do its job simply by sitting underneath your mattress.

    How Does It Work?

    The Beautyrest sleep tracker is very easy to use. You simply have to place the sensor underneath the mattress, on top of the base or foundation of your bed frame. The processor can be kept safely on the floor. Its highly accurate sensors then monitor respiration, heart rates and unique sleep behavior, like when you’re moving in your sleep and wakefulness. The intuitive app then records the exact readings and makes a chart of your personalized sleep data. The sleep cycle alarm then decides an optimal time for you to wake up after a good night of rest. It also continuously updates data and records the most up-to-date information.

    After you have understood your sleep with the help of the tracker, you can also start making improvements to your quality of sleep. The sleep tracker will score your sleep daily and give feedback on areas you can improve upon. It is a great device to be used by partners as it can track the individual sleep data of two sleepers independently.

    The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


    • The sleep tracker is Alexa enabled, making it a truly smart tracker which can be a perfect fit in a smart home.
    • It can track the sleep progress of two sleepers independently, perfect for use by partners.
    • It’s a non-wearable tracker and does not require you to strap anything on to your wrist or body. You can sleep peacefully without a nagging device tethered to your body.
    • It also works as a REM sleep tracker.


    • Some users complained of having trouble getting the device to connect to their Wi-Fi network.
    • Some users complained of the device not logging the entry if the user slept anywhere else.

    AGPTEK Upgraded Fitness and Sleep Tracker

    This fitness tracker from AGPTEK is not only great as a sports tracker but also automatically monitors your sleep, heart rate and pulse. It can easily be synced with your phone and remains up to date with all that you’re putting in your body and how much exercise you’re getting. Though it’s not a dedicated sleep tracker, it works effectively even to monitor your sleep and give you updates on how you can make your quality of sleep better. It also allows you to set a silent, vibrating alarm so you can be woken up without disturbing your partner or anyone sleeping next to you. It is a truly smartwatch which has several benefits.

    How Does It Work?

    The smartwatch has a powerful function. You only need to snap it onto your wrist and the smart system takes care of the rest. It has several features other than simply being a health and sleep tracker. It can track heart rate, steps, distance and the number of calories burned. It also has a remote-control camera, the ability to set a sedentary reminder, sync date and time with your phone, etc.

    When you go to sleep, you simply have to keep the tracker on your wrist. It will automatically start tracking your sleep, no need to push any button or change any setting. You can also sync the sleep status to your Zeroner Health App to get a better idea of your progress. The app will then display your sleep charts which will denote the quality of your sleep, wakefulness and how many hours of REM sleep you were able to achieve. It works as a great sleep monitor watch. It has a long battery life and can be used up to seven days after an hour of full charge (the actual time may vary with use and other factors). It also has a convenient, built-in USB charger. You can also set the smartwatch to show incoming calls, text messages and even social media alerts. You only need to slide, tap or hold the touchscreen to control the watch. The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


    • It starts monitoring sleep automatically. So the minute you drift off, it takes account of your heart rate and starts monitoring sleep.
    • The watch has a great battery life and can be used for days after charging once.


    • The sleep monitor needs to be synced with a separate app to be used effectively.
    • Its main functions are as a fitness tracker and the sleep monitor is a cursory feature.

    Fitbit One Wireless Plus Sleep Tracker

    Get fit and sleep better with this product from Fitbit. A reliable brand in the health and fitness industry, Fitbit presents a small device that can be clipped on easily to any item of clothing — your pocket, belt or even a bra. It has the ability to tell the time, count steps and even tells you how many flights of stairs you have climbed in order to encourage you to do better. It can be synced easily to a computer and to select smartphones. You can even set a silent alarm which will vibrate to wake you up but will not disturb the person sleeping next to you. It monitors how long and how well you have slept and provides you with all the required data to take required action and make your quality of sleep better.

    How Does It Work?

    The Fitbit One is an easy to use, wireless sleep tracker. It need not be worn around your wrist, which can get uncomfortable after a point. It’s a small device that comes with a convenient clip. It can be clipped easily to your pocket or your belt and even underclothes for greater security. You can wear it the whole day as it tracks the number of steps you have taken, the number of floors climbed and the number of active minutes in a day. It has a convenient display so you can see the time and daily stats.

    At night, you can simply slip it in your pajama pockets or clip it onto your nightshirt. It will track how many hours you sleep, as well as how well you have slept. It will also detail the quality of your sleep, the number of times you wake up and score the efficiency of your sleep. The tracker also has a great battery life and can last up to 14 days after one full charge. The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


    • It’s a convenient pocket-sized tracker and can be securely clipped to any part of your clothing. It’s a wearable device but doesn’t necessarily have to be strapped to your wrist.
    • It gives you a detailed sleep chart which informs you how many hours you slept and how well you slept.
    • Works fabulously as a fitness tracker, an added bonus if you’re looking to use it specifically as a sleep tracker.


    • Some users complained the display is difficult to read outdoors in the sunlight.
    • Some users have complained of the clip not being secure enough and the device falling now and then.

    Coch Fitness and Sleep Tracker

    This fitness tracker from Coch is a versatile device that monitors a host of activities your body performs. It works as a wearable sleep tracker and has several benefits other than just monitoring how you sleep. You can set daily fitness goals and track activities that help fulfill those goals, like walking, the number of steps, the number of calories burnt, etc. If you have been inactive for a while, the fitness watch also has a sedentary reminder which prods you to get up and take a walk, do some physical exercise or simply get some fresh air. This is an important reminder for those chained to their desks at work. It also turns into an automatic sleep tracker the moment you start drifting off.

    How Does It Work?

    As a wearable sleep tracker, you can simply have the smartwatch around your wrist the whole day and let it do its job. Through the day it will track your daily activity, the number of steps taken, distance walked, calories burnt, etc. You can also sync it to your phone so it notifies you whenever you’re getting a call or an SMS. The screen is easy to read and control. But what makes it a great overall health tracker is the fact that it works even when you’re asleep. It automatically tracks the number of hours you’ve slept and the quality of your sleep. This data is a helpful reflection of how you’re leading your life and how you can make changes to accommodate more hours of better quality of sleep. You can also set an alarm which will vibrate gently on your wrist instead of awakening you and the person sleeping next to you rudely.

    The tracker is easy to charge and has a convenient USB port which can be connected to any USB block and computer. One full cycle of charge can last up to seven days. The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


    • The tracker records your sleep situation based on your movements at night. It scores the actual quality of sleep, giving details of deep and shallow time of your sleep cycle.
    • It has a long battery life and can last up to seven days after a full cycle of charge.
    • It comes in a variety of colors.
    • It can easily be connected to other Bluetooth devices.


    • Some users have complained that the screen is not waterproof as described and became foggy after coming in contact with water.

    Fitbit Alta HR

    Another reliable Fitbit product, the Alta HR is a formidable but tiny device that could change the way you sleep and perceive health. It’s one of the slimmest and most stylish designs when it comes to a fitness tracker. Extremely easy to use and understand, the tracker only has to be put on your wrist and it takes care of the rest. You can get a continuous reading of your heartbeat which helps you get a better idea of the number of calories burnt and determine zones to work on. It works splendidly as a sleep tracker too. Powered by PurePulse heart rate, it tracks your sleep automatically and describes the number of hours you spent in deep, shallow and REM sleep. You can use this knowledge to correct your lifestyle and find ways to include more quality hours of sleep in your busy schedule.

    How Does It Work?

    You can sync your Fitbit to your phone to read detailed charts of your daily activity, including the number of minutes you spent doing a physical activity, the number of steps you took, calories you burned, etc. It tracks your heartbeat continuously and therefore is not only able to give you a better idea of your fitness while you’re on the go but also when you’ve called it a day and are catching up on sleep. It tracks your sleep and gives you personalized statistics about the quality of sleep.

    On the Fitbit app on your phone, you can see a detailed graph of the number of hours you slept, the number of hours you were in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep and the number of times you woke up. This holistic graph then allows you to assess the quality of your sleep.

    It is made with a flexible elastomer material and can be used in a range of temperatures, from 4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It also works in an operating altitude of up to 30,000 feet. This product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


    • It starts auto tracking your sleep and provides a detailed, personalized graph of the stats of your sleep.
    • Powered by PurePulse, the tracker records your heartbeat continuously so you can make note of any kind of aberration.
    • The display can be customized to show the data you want to see at all times.


    • Some users complained of the device recording steps which did not occur.
    • The display is hard to see outdoors in the sun.

    HealthWood Fitness and Sleep Tracker

    This health and sleep tracker from HealthWood is a great, efficient, waterproof device that does several things at once. It not only tracks your everyday activities, like the number of steps taken, calories burned, etc. but also records your heart rate and even your blood pressure. It efficiently records manual blood pressure calibration so you don’t have to run to the nearest clinic every time you need to get your blood pressure checked. It has a smart sleep monitor, which records the quality of your sleep and tells you how many hours you spent in which phase of sleep. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS phones with Bluetooth 4.0/4.0+.

    How Does It Work?

    You need to wear the device like a regular watch and the system takes on its responsibility after. It tracks your sleep automatically and senses when you are drifting off, based on your heart rate. The sleep monitor also gives a detailed sleep chart, describing light sleep, deep sleep and the overall number of hours you slept. This is a great way to understand your sleep and then make amends if required. Since it constantly tracks your blood pressure too, it could be useful to see how your blood pressure is during your sleep, which will denote how relaxed you are and how well you slept.

    Other than an effective sleep monitor, the device also has a large monitor or screen which can be read easily. You only need to touch down on the screen for three seconds to power it up. It also has a smart notification feature so it vibrates gently whenever you get a call or a text message. The product is available on Amazon.


    • It tracks blood pressure, other than heart rate and sleep quality too, making it a holistic fitness tracker device.
    • The display is large and easy to read, making it more accessible than other fitness trackers in the same category.
    • It is available in two attractive colors — red and blue.


    • Some users complained the blood pressure reading was not accurate and could not be trusted.

    How to Buy a Sleep Tracker

    There are several sleep trackers on the market which offer a host of features. But how do you decide which one is the right one for you? Of course, you can look at reviews, ask friends and colleagues and make a final decision. But it would be helpful to know what the basic features of a good sleep tracker should be. The following is a guide to buying a good sleep tracker.

    How Long Did You Sleep?

    Any basic sleep tracker should be able to tell you how many hours you have slept. The average adult human should get at least seven hours of sleep, according to researchers. Any less than that on a regular basis and sleep deprivation could cause chronic fatigue and loss of cognitive function. Most trackers record sleep according to movement and restlessness. So if you become still around 11 pm, your tracker may start recording that as sleep. But it could simply be that you were lying still but had not drifted off. Some trackers allow you to adjust the data in the morning if you think that is more accurate but mostly the number of hours you slept is a ballpark figure and not an exact number.

    Regardless, a good sleep tracker should be able to give you the closest estimate and prepare a graph of the pattern of your sleep.

    Light Sleep

    A good sleep tracker should not only record the number of hours you slept but also the quality of your sleep. The light sleep phase should also be documented in each sleep cycle. The light sleep phase or the non-REM phase of your sleep cycle is the initial phase of sleep, where you’re transitioning into a deep sleep. As the name suggests, this is the phase of sleep where it is easier for you to wake up. Any noise or disturbance could easily awaken you. The physiology of sleep typically works in cycles of 90 minutes. The longer the duration of light sleep in your overall sleep cycle, the poorer the quality of sleep.

    When a tracker provides this information, you have a better idea of how you slept. You also tend to move around more during non-REM sleep, which is how most trackers record the demarcation.

    Deep Sleep and REM

    As explained above, deep sleep is when you’re in a slumber which cannot be broken easily. You are deep in sleep and can sleep through even loud noises or light. This is also the phase of REM or random eye movement, where individuals tend to dream. The phase is characterized by rapid movements of the eye even in sleep. The longer you spend in a phase of deep sleep, the higher the quality of your sleep.

    The science of REM sleep is still shrouded in a lot of controversy and mystery. Usually, in a complete sleep cycle, REM sleep is the final stage and makes for only about 40-50 percent of the sleep cycle. It is also said to be the phase that consolidates memory.

    Heart Rate

    Several sleep trackers also record your heart rate and use it to track sleep. Heart rate tends to be higher during REM sleep and lower during light sleep, therefore studying the heart rate also helps identify the stages of sleep. This metric is used with other factors to determine how well you have slept.

    Wearable vs Non-Wearable

    There are wearable and non-wearable sleep trackers. The non-wearable sleep trackers are the ones designed especially for tracking sleep and can typically be clipped to your pillow or put underneath your mattress.

    The wearable sleep trackers are typically combined with fitness trackers and do a lot more than simply tracking your sleep. They tend to be less expensive but also less specialized.

    Final Thoughts

    While your body may be resting, your brain is extremely active when you are sleeping. The different stages of sleep being tracked signify chemical processes in your brain. It performs activities that can only happen when you’re asleep. A sleep tracker is a great way to discipline yourself and allow your brain to carry out all those functions. Understanding your sleep better allows you to take measures to improve its quality. If you’re waking up tired, the sleep tracker will show you what the points in your sleep cycle were when you were disturbed and in which phase you slept well. This is the best way to build a discipline and sleep hygiene that allows your body to rest and your brain to carry on with its job.


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