Best Mattress Under $1,000

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced bed that won’t break the bank, this list is the place to start. We rounded up the best mattresses under $1,000. This list has been updated with the most outstanding options for 2019.

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Our Top 8 Best Mattresses Under $1,000

Mattress Model Highlights Price
Tuft & Needle Mint Great for Side Sleepers Check Price
Allswell Supreme Solid Support & Comfort Check Price
Latex for Less 9″ 100% Natural Materials Check Price
Nectar Low Motion Transfer Check Price
Brooklyn Signature Great Value Hybrid Check Price
Helix Customized Comfort Check Price
Muse 3 Firmness Options Check Price
Casper Low Partner Disturbance Check Price

Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Type: Foam Combination
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Highlight: Exceptional Pressure Relief

The Tuft & Needle Mint has a much softer and conforming feel than T&N’s original mattress. For those with greater pressure sensitivity, this mattress provides superior pressure relief. It’s ideal for those seeking deeper body hug. The Mint also uses ceramic gel and graphite to keep you sleeping cool. We felt T&N adaptive foam offered both quality support and comfort. We also noticed very little motion transfer or sleep partner disturbance.

Allswell Supreme Mattress

Allswell Supreme Mattress

Type: Hybrid
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Firmness: Great Support / Sleeps Cool

Allswell Home recently introduced their most substantial mattress yet. The Supreme utilizes a 789 pocketed coil unit with quantum edge to edge support system. Copper and graphite infused memory foam and Energex foam provide pressure relief and cooling. While still offering significant support, the feel is considerably softer than Allswell’s previous beds. This mattress has the look and feel of a luxury mattress without the high end price tag.

Latex for Less Mattress

Latex For Less Mattress

Type: Latex
Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
Highlight: All-Natural Materials

Latex For Less offers a flippable natural latex mattress that delivers two comfort options in one bed. Firm on one side and a more universal medium feel on the other. It’s constructed of of EKO-TEX certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and natural wool. The company produces both a 7″ & a 9″ model. The 9″ offers the best overall support and is our recommendation in this category. Natural latex has a more buoyant feel with less body hug. It’s ideal for those who don’t want the sink in feel of memory foam. Natural latex will also sleep cooler than most synthetic materials. Latex For Less is backed by a 20 year warranty.


Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Type: Memory Foam
Sleep Trial: 1 Year
Highlight: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Nectar’s comfort & core layers use 4 lb. and 3.5 lb density foams respectively. The base is made of 2.2 lb poly foam. Across the board, these are better quality foams than what are often found in high priced mattresses. Comfort wise, the Nectar has a medium firm feel that will appeal to the majority but not all sleepers. If you are looking for deep body hug or a really firm feel you may want to look elsewhere. That said, it’s an exceptional value for someone looking for a medium range firmness. Nectar also does a great job of limiting motion transfer; a great feature for couples.

Muse Sleep Mattress

Muse Sleep Mattress

Type: Memory Foam
Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
Highlight: 3 Firmness Options

Muse Sleep offers temperature regulation, support and comfort. Dense memory foam and support foams rival much higher priced retail mattresses. Because no two people have the same comfort preference, Muse has 3 firmness options to choose from. If sleep hot,Cold Wire Plus phase change cover and cooling gels disperse heat for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you are looking for a quality memory foam mattress, Muse is well worth a further look.

Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress

Type: Foam Combination
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Highlight: Solid Support

The Casper mattress is a combination of dense poly and memory foam that create solid support and comfort feel. The Casper is a medium firm mattress that will accommodate those in search of a not too soft or too firm feel. This mattress has less sinkage than typical memory foam mattresses and has less body hug than softer beds. While the company has introduced two alternative mattresses, the original Casper continues to be their best value.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Type: Hybrid
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Highlight: 3 Firmness Options

Brooklyn Bedding builds the Signature in their own factory and has full control over production. The company utilizes a patented hyper-elastic foam called TitanFlex. It’s pressure relieving but with more resiliency than memory foam. TitanFlex also has cooling and anti-bacterial properties, A 6” Ascension Coil adds extra support and structure. It also allows air to flow freely for additional cooling. This Brooklyn Signature is available in a soft, medium and firm option. This versatility makes it a solid option for back, side and stomach sleepers.

Helix Mattress

Helix Mattress

Type: Hybrid
Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
Highlight: Customized Comfort

Helix gives you a wider range of comfort options than most mattress companies. Choose from 6 different models all available in firm, medium and plush. Confused about what mattress is right for you? Take their comfort quiz. The questionnaire guides you through a brief survey designed to zero in on that just right feel. All mattresses are built utilizing the company’s proprietary Helix Dynamic foam; a latex like, buoyant material. A layer of dense poly foam transitions to a pocketed coil support system. A bottom layer of HD poly foam is added for extra support and stabilization. The Helix cover is made from your choice of either the standard stretch poly cover or the phase change material that adds additional cooling. For those seeking a more specific comfort feel, Helix is a great option.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Under $1,000

While sleeping on your side, your body weight shifts to your shoulders and hips. This can be a source of discomfort if your mattress does not properly contour to the curves of your spine. While support is as important, so is pressure relief. We’ve listed our top choices under $1,000 for side sleepers.

The Tuft & Needle Mint mattress strikes an ideal blend of support and conformity. It has just enough body hug to accommodate most side sleepers while maintaining proper alignment. T&N Adaptive foam is infused graphite and ceramic gel for a cool comfortable sleep.

The Allswell Supreme offers the support you expect from a quality innerspring. But, it also provides a luxury contouring feel that is perfect for most side sleepers. Copper/graphite infused memory foam and open celled Energex foam create plush contouring comfort. This mattress also sleeps exceptionally cool.

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers Under $1,000

Back sleepers typically do well with a medium firm – medium. Firm enough to keep your body in proper alignment, but soft enough to relieve pressure points. See our top mattresses for back sleepers

Brooklyn Signature: Depending on your physical make up and personal preference, the firm or medium are a great choice. Solid support and pressure relief make the Signature an outstanding choice for back sleeping.

Nectar: Nectar’s mid range firmness should be very appealing to the majority of back sleepers. This mattress is firm enough for proper alignment but soft enough to conform to the spine. Dense comfort and base foams offer great support and stability. 

Other top considerations for back sleeping:

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Under $1,000

While sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your spine and neck many people choose to sleep in this position. If this is your position of choice, a medium firm to medium is usually your best option. It’s important that a stomach sleeper’s back not dip too far and cause lower lumbar pain.

The Brooklyn Signature (Firm or medium): The medium provides solid support while still offering decent pressure relief. The firm may be a better choice for heavier individuals who may interpret firmness differently. This mattress uses a substantial pocketed coil unit topped with Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary TitanFlex foam. TitanFlex has pressure relieving qualities but with less sinkage than memory foam.

Latex For Less: This mattress will provide pressure relief without the sinkage of memory foam. These qualities make natural latex ideal for stomach sleepers.

Other top considerations for stomach sleeping:

What Type Of Mattress Should You Choose?

What type of mattress you decide on should be based on your individual needs for comfort and support. Our top picks are represented by a variety of construction options. We’ll break down the best features of each type and discuss who will benefit most from these beds.

Best Innerspring & Hybrid Mattresses Under $1,000


If your preference is a more structured, traditional feeling mattress, you will like an innerspring mattress. Coil springs are still the most commonly found beds and are offered in a variety of types and quality. Modern individually pocketed coils offer the most responsive support. They also do the best job of limiting motion transfer and partner disturbance, Quality of these units is determined by gauge of steel, coil count and number of turns per coil.


The term hybrid as it applies to mattresses, typically refers to a pocketed coil unit with a memory foam, latex or specialty foam comfort layer. With this in mind you could actually make a case for calling the majority of modern mattresses hybrids. For this reason, we group the two terms in one category. Regardless of the terminology, both should be evaluated by the same criteria. The key factors to consider are coil quality, foam density and of course, overall value.

Allswell Supreme: Allswell’s most recent introduction is by far their most impressive mattress. 789 individual edge to edge coils offer solid support and body alignment. The combination of graphite infused memory foam and Energex foam create much more body hug than previous Allswell models. The Supreme has the look and feel of a high priced retail mattress at a fraction of the cost.

Brooklyn Signature: A 6” Ascension coils provide solid support while TitanFlex foam offers body contouring pressure relief. The Signature is available in 3 different firmness options. This makes this mattress a great choice for most comfort preferences.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Under $1,000

Those who prefer a springless memory foam mattress, benefit the most from great pressure relieving conformity. These mattresses are also exceptional for limiting motion transfer. In the past, heat retention issues have created issues for some. But, the addition of cooling gels or graphite has made sleeping hot far less problematic. Edge support is not a strong point and movement can be a bit more difficult. However, If you like a more conforming countering feel,  memory foam is well worth considering.

The market is loaded with memory foam mattresses. We’ve selected what we feel represent some of the best options available under $1,000. Quality memory foam can typically be measured by the density of both comfort and base foams.

Nectar: This mattress has a medium firmness level. It’s pressure relieving but with decent support. Nectar is a solid option for those seeking that not too soft, not too firm comfort preference. 3.5 – 4 lb. gel memory foam and 2.2 lb base foams offer great support.

Muse Sleep: Muse utilizes dense memory foam to create 3 distinct firmness options. Gel infusion keeps these foams sleeping cool and comfortable. A memory foam offers support and comfort. The base foam is a robust 2.0 lb. density. This provides exceptional support and stability.

Other top considerations for memory foam:

Best Latex Mattress Under $1,000

Latex mattresses have a bounce and buoyancy not found in memory foam. You sleep on it, rather than in it.  While synthetic latex is less expensive, natural latex sleeps cooler and is more durable. Made from the sap of the rubber tree, natural latex offers great support and spinal alignment. If you appreciate a more bouncy feel that is easier to move around on, you’ll like latex.

Compared to other types, there are far less latex mattresses on the market. That said, even fewer exist under $1,000. Most mattresses that do fall into this category tend to use synthetic latex. While not necessarily a bad option, natural latex represents the best quality in terms of comfort, durability and ability to sleep cool. We’ve found two exceptional natural latex mattresses well worth consideration.

Latex For Less: As stated above, quality natural latex is difficult to find under $1,000. Latex for less. The Latex For Less mattress is manufactured from 100% natural latex, organic cotton and natural wool. Additionally, this mattress is reversible and provides two firmness options in one mattress. Both quality and price point are impressive. Expect to pay at least double the price at a retail store.

Other top considerations for latex:

Best Foam Combination Mattress Under $1,000

This category is reserved for springless mattresses that utilize combinations of materials that include something other than memory foam or latex. Many companies now have their own proprietary foams that have differing characteristics from traditional beds. Some use only these foams as the primary component, while others combine them with memory foam or latex. Either way, these mattresses offer unique comfort feels that present yet another viable sleep option.

Tuft & Needle Mint utilizes T&N adaptive foam. It is a buoyant, yet pressure relieving foam that offer excellent support. We found this mattress to have a true luxury feel at a great price point.

The original Casper combines 4 layers of dense quality foams to create it’s signature medium firm feel. It’s a solid option for a wide range of sleepers. This midrange comfort is also a good compromise for couples who have different firmness preferences.

Other top considerations for foam combos:


We’ve listed some great choices that cover a wide range of types and comfort feels. When determining the best mattress under $1,000, the best choice will vary depending on your own personal preferences. Ultimately, the best value is the mattress that combines quality, price and comfort. Side, back and stomach sleepers usually prefer different firmness levels. Weight and physical condition have an impact as well. We recommend taking this all into consideration before making your purchase.