Best Mattress Under $1,000

best mattress under $1,000

What can you expect for under $1,000?

If you're searching for the best mattress under $1,000, expect to do a little homework. There are plenty of mattresses priced in this range. But how do you know which, if any, are good solid values. We'll do our best to simplify your search! It's important first to consider what types of mattresses are available and which one is best for you! 

Tomorrow Sleep - Memory Foam & Coil Hybrid

Saatva - Dual Coil & Memory Foam 

Eco Terra - Natural Latex & Coil Hybrid

Pure Echo - Individual Coils an Natural Cotton 

Brooklyn Signature - TitanFlex hyper elastic foam & coil hybrid

Introducing Our Top five...

There are a few newcomers to our list this year. In the past, this category consisted of all foam beds. 2018 features mostly coil spring mattresses. Our selections were determined by genuine "value", not who has the most clever marketing campaign. All five of these beds built and priced for both quality and affordability. 

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tomorrow sleep mattress best under $1,000

Delivery: Free in the continental U.S.

Warranty: 10 Year Non Prorated warranty 

Comfort Guarantee: 100 Night Home Trial - If not fully satisfied during this period, Tomorrow Sleep will arrange a fee pick up and refund your payment in full.

Tomorrow Sleep

Our #1 Best Value Under $1,000

*Based on overall quality and performance, Tomorrow Sleep is our clear choice for Best Mattress Under $1,000!

Fast Facts...

Construction: 6” of pocketed 800 Series high-carbon steel pocketed coil (.083" wire.) / Combined with high density Memory Foam. This hybrid mattress offers exceptional support, pressure relief and low motion detection. 

Comfort Options:  - Medium Firm - Best for back, stomach and some side sleepers. If you truly need a plusher feel, we recommend Tomorrow Sleep's Medium Soft.

Medium Soft - Best for Side and Back Sleepers. This option may be too soft for stomach sleepers who typically require a firmer feel. For those, we recommend the Medium Firm. 

Price - $990 for standard Queen.

Best of the rest...

eco terra mattress review

Warranty: Full 15 year - This non-prorated warranty is valid from date of purchase through conclusion of warranty period.

Comfort Guarantee: 90 Day Comfort Trial - If not fully satisfied, you may call to schedule a free pick up and full refund. 

See our full Eco Terra review...

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​Eco Terra

Fast Facts:

Construction: Fabric encased individually pocketed coils topped with 2 1/2" of Natural Dunlop Latex and Organic Cotton. Expect solid support and conformity that sleeps cool and comfortable. 

Comfort options: Firm - Ideal for stomach sleepers or back sleepers who desire a firmer feel.  

Medium - This option accommodates most side and back sleepers.  

Price: $999 for standard queen medium firm or medium.

Delivery: Free shipping within 1 - 3 days

Saatva best mattress under $1,000

Warranty: During first 2 years - full replacement on defective product. Years 3 - 15 full repair ($198 for shipping)

Comfort Guarantee: 120 Night Home Trial - If not completely satisfied with your mattress, you may return it during the trial period for full refund less a $99 handling fee.


Fast Facts:

Construction: Coil on coil innerspring (made from recycled steel - top unit is individually pocketed, Organic Cotton Quilted cover, bio based foam made from 30 - 40% Soy and corn oil. Natural Wool is used to create fire barrier.

Comfort Options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm & Firm comfort feels are available. No one mattress is right for everyone and this gives Saatva a distinct competitive advantage.

Price: $999 for standard Queen in all 3 comfort options are available. 

Delivery: Saatva is a luxury mattress that can not be rolled into a box. A full service delivery including setup and removal of your old bedding is available. Cost varies by location. See manufacture for details. - usually ships within two weeks

My Green Mattress Review Natural Escape

Warranty: 10 year - Your mattress will be repaired or replaced if found defective; at the company's discretion.  

Comfort Guarantee: 100 Night Home Trial - You can return or exchange your mattress (one time only) through the duration of the trial period. Full refund on return payment will be issued. 

Pure Echo by My Green Mattress​

Fast Facts...

Construction: 1074 L&P 3 Zoned Pocketed Coil, Certified Organic Cotton -Global Organic Textile Standard (GOLS), Natural American Wool - Oeko-Tex Certified Acts as natural fire barrier.

Comfort Options: Medium Firm - Best for back, stomach and some side sleepers.

Price: Standard Queen - $749 (9 3/4") or $989 (11") two sided mattress.

Delivery: Shipping is free in the continental U.S.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress

Warranty: 10 Years non-prorated - 

Comfort Guarantee: 120 Sleep Trial -

Brooklyn Signature

Fast Facts...

Construction: New high density TaitanFlex foam and Ascension pocketed coil  hybrid. Cotton Cover with poly foam backing for additional comfort.

Comfort Options: Available in Firm, Medium or Soft, there is a comfort feel for everyone!

Price: The $949 cost for standard queen is makes the Brooklyn Signature an exceptional value!

Delivery: Free shipping is provided to the 48 continental United States via FedEx Ground. 

Warranty: Full 10 years

Comfort Guarantee: 120 Night Sleep trial