Best Crib Mattress – 2017

best crib mattress

How To Choose Your Child's Crib Mattress?

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, most likely you either have or will have a child soon. Finding the right crib mattress is just one of the important decisions you’ll have to make. We’ll do our best to simplify the process.

New born babies sleep 16 to 17 hours hours out of the day. Needless to say, choosing the proper sleep environment is extremely important. Here’s what you need to know...

Should a crib mattress be soft or firm?

A crib mattress mattress should be firm. Avoid soft mattress which can allow your child's head or face to be absorbed into the mattress. A soft mattress increases the risk of suffocation. There is also increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

What is the standard size of a crib mattress?

The size of both crib and crib mattresses are regulated by the Federal Government. A standard crib mattress is 28 X 52 X 51 ⅝”. It must have a thickness no greater than 6”. There is only a small plus or minus tolerance allowed. It is extremely important that your child's crib mattress meets proper size requirements. The mattress should fit without gaps to avoid safety issues.

Breathability is important

Breathable fabrics and foams offer a cooler, fresher environment. Air passage deters odor buildup and bacteria growth. Some manufacturers will add small ventilation holes for additional breathability.

Keeping your childs mattress clean is a must!

A newborn's immune system is not nearly as strong as an adults. It's extremely important to keep your child's sleep environment free of contamination. Diapers that leak are unavoidable. When cleaning, be sure not to over saturate or allow moisture to seep into seams. Check with individual manufacturers recommendations for best results. Your best bet is to start with a waterproof crib mattress or at least keep it covered with a waterproof mattress protector.

What types of crib mattresses are available?

Like standard bedding, crib mattresses are available in either all foam or innerspring options. Both are perfectly acceptable providing they meet basic criteria for support and safety. Whichever type you choose, understand that quality matters. A poor quality foam or coil unit can compromise your child's health and safety. Firmness, proper size, breathability and support should all be taken into consideration.

Innerspring crib mattresses

Innerspring crib mattresses should have a firm resilient feel. The mattress should have enough steel to provide support and durability. Keep in mind, most children remain in a crib for approximately three years.

An innerspring has the built in advantage of being breathable. Air is allowed to pass easily through the coil unit. The foams used should also be dense and resilient enough to easily bounce back.

Foam crib mattresses

Foam crib mattresses will range in size from 3 to 6”. They are generally lighter and easier to maneuver. However, denser, better quality foams do tend to be a bit heavier. They will perform better than lighter materials. Again, you want your baby’s mattress to be firm and resilient. An infant's needs are different than an adult's. Keep your child safe and well supported.

​Polyurethane foams are among the most commonly used in the bedding industry. There are generally issues with a certain amount of off gassing and chemical exposure that takes place. For young children, we recommend more natural alternatives like cotton, wool or plant- based foams. If you do chose a crib mattress with a poly construction, at least take minimal caution. Make sure the foam is Greenguard certified and UL Validated. Greenguard adheres to strict emission standards and limits VOC's. UL Validated verifies product to be formaldehyde-free. It also limits the amount of VOC's. VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are organic compounds that easily become vapors or gasses. Related health issues include throat, eye and nose irritation as well as kidney, liver and central nervous system problems. For your childs crib bed, we recommend natural/organic alternatives.

Natural and organic crib mattresses

A Duke University study led by Heather Stapleton suggested flame retardant chemicals accumulate in your body. These same chemicals interfere with hormones, thyroid and reproductive systems. Stapleton also notes that infants, during the first year of life are exceptionally vulnerable. Chemicals found in most fire retardant materials can disrupt brain development. Minimizing your chemical exposure is important at every age. But it's critical during the first few years of life.

First a bit of clarification. All Organic mattresses are natural, but not all Natural mattresses are organic. Both are made from natural materials such as natural cotton, latex, wool or plant-based fibers. No dangerous chemical fire retardants are used. Organic/Natural crib mattresses are safe and recommended for your children.

Both Organic and Natural mattresses can be either all foam, or foam with innerspring beds. So, what is the difference? Basically, it comes down to a matter of the certification process. Organic Certification verifies your mattress was made from natural materials non toxic materials. It also confirms production took place in an environmentally responsible manner.  Workers who produce the product earn a fair wage and have decent working conditions. For those who find this an important part of their decision, certified organic might be just what you are looking for. That said, natural materials will perform equal to organic. Organic Certification will give you a bit more peace of mind that manufacturers claims are true.

Natural latex has no off gassing. It is dense and buoyant. For older children and adults, Natural latex is an excellent sleep option. But there are a very small percentage of people who are allergic to latex. However, because latex is a contact allergy, it would be extremely rare for your children to have a reaction. That said, without knowing if your child is allergic, err on the side of safety. There are other excelent options available.

Cotton is an excellent material for both covers and cushioning. Breathable and soft to the touch, natural cotton is safe supportive. 

Wool acts as a natural flame barrier. It easily meets Federal standards for fire retardancy while eliminating the need for dangerous chemical agents.

​PLA's, or plant based foams are organic materials that are also safe and hypoallergenic.

Because quality does matter, we've offered up our top three for your consideration...

There are literally hundreds of crib mattress brands available. For proper support and safety, we recommend choosing the most natural, toxin free crib mattress you can find.

best crib mattress


​Naturepedic utilizes Organic Cotton fabric and filling to create a healthy, non toxic environment. To avoid reactions to potential unknown allergies, Naturepedic uses no latex or soy in their crib mattresses.These beds are specifically designed for babies and young children. All watterproof pads are made without harmful chemicals and are easily cleaned. Rest assured, Naturepedic's GOTS Certified Organic products are safe for your child. Their mattresses pass Federal guidelines for fire retardancy without the use of dangerous chemicals. Skilled Amish craftsmen build your mattress and take great pride producing the finest crib mattresses made. Your child will sleep easier and so will you!


The list of Naturepedic certifications and awards reads like a mattress standards who's who list.  ​

​Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), UL/GREENGUARD Gold, Non-GMO Certified, OCS100 Organic Content Standard, UL Validated (Formaldehyde Free Verified), Made Safe Certified

Formaldehyde Free Verified

Lifetime Limited Warranty​

Natuerpedic Warranty issues are quite unusual. The company is proud to stand behind each and every purchase you make.

Delivery - Free Shipping

The lightweight Series:

Naturepedic manufactures three great quality Crib Mattress options. The Lightweight, Innerspring and Quilted Breathable Series. We'll focus on the Lightweight line up here. It's beautifully simple in it's design and construction.


best crib mattress

Organic Cotton filling is breathable and sleeps cool. Grown without the use of chemical pesticides, Organic cotton is safe for your child! It's a great alternative to synthetic foams.

best crib mattress

Wavesupport provides a natural alternative to synthetic foams and supports like an innerspring. Wavesupport is made from food-grade Polyethlylene foam.

best crib mattress

Organic Cotton waterproof fabric makes cleanup a breeze! The cover is coated with Food-Grade

Polyethylene, a natural moisture repellent. It's a safe way to keep your child dry and comfortable.

The Lightweight Series has three great offerings to consider:

best crib mattress

Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

​This firm, durable and waterproof Crib Mattress weighs only 10 - 12 lbs. it's light and makes crib changes easy. No dangerous chemicals fire retardants are used in production of this mattress.

Price $259​

Buy this mattress at

​Lightweight Organic Cotton Ultra 2-stage Crib Mattress

All the same great features of the Cotton Classic, the Ultra 2-Stage is 2 mattresses in one. The firm side is perfect for infant safety and support. As your child grows, the softer side ​provides additional comfort for the toddler years.

Price $289​

Buy this mattress at

Ultra Breathable 2-Stage Organic Crib Mattress

The Ultra Breathable 2-Stage takes all the best Ultra features and adds a breathable mattress pad keep your baby dry, cool and comfortable. While repelling urine, spit and all forms of moisture, the pad allows for significant air-flow. As with all Naturepedic beds, no chemical flame retardants are used in production of this mattress.

​The mattress can be used without the pad while you safely wash the cover. Already have a crib mattress want to protect it? Waterproof mat pad can be purchased separately and fits all standard size crib mats.

Price $399​

Naturepedic Lightweight Series Conclusion:

The Naturepedic Lightweight Series lifts easily for crib changes. The combination of Organic Cotton and Wavesupport gives the right degree of firmness and durability. It is also safe and toxin free. Naturepedic has truly created a wonderful sleep environment for your child! Waterproof, cool, dry and comfortable. We highly recommend the Lightweight series!

In addition to the Lightweight, Naturepedic also offers an Innerspring or Quilted Breathable Crib Mattress Series...

best crib mattress

My Green Mattress 

The Emily Crib Mattress

*GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Oeko-Tex Certified Natural Wool quilted cover

*​Heavy Organic Cotton Batting

​*Heavy duty 150 coil innerspring with supportive edge.

best crib mattress

The importance of Wool can't be understated. It naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. In addition, wool acts as a natural fire barrier. No dangerous chemical fire retardants are needed to meet Federal safety standards. Wool used in the Emily mattress is GOTS Certified.

best crib mattress

Global Organic Certified Cotton ​is naturally breathable; keeping you baby cool and comfortable. GOTS also certifies no toxic chemicals or toxins were used in production.

The story behind the mattress...​

​Tim Masters, owner of the My Green Mattress Company, had a very personal motivation for creating these beds. His daughter, Emily, suffered from severe allergies and eczema. Tim was advised that all natural products could ease Emily’s Symptoms. While building the prototype for her mattress, he saw an opportunity. A chance to not only help Emily, but to fill a void in the bedding market. Concluding that a healthier sleep environment benefits everyone, My Green Mattress was born!

Warranty: ​

​All My Green Mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

Delivery - Free Shipping

Price $249

best crib mattress

Happsy Crib Mattress

Happsy uses all Certified Organic, non-GMO Materials for a safer, healthier sleep. Also, no glues, adhesives or chemical fire retardants. Your child will sleep comfortably and you will too!

*Organic Cotton fabric and filling (GOTS)

*Organic Wool batting (GOTS)

*Food grade polyethylene​

best crib mattress

Global Organic Certified Cotton ​is naturally breathable; keeping you baby cool and comfortable. GOTS also certifies no toxic chemicals or toxins were used in production.

Natural Organic Wool resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. In addition, wool acts as a natural fire barrier. No dangerous chemical fire retardants are needed to meet Federal safety standards. Wool used in the Happsy mattress is GOTS Certified.

Happsy organic baby crib mattress is a great alternative to vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam offerings. Natural and safe, Happsy uses no dangerous chemical fire retardants.

Every step of the production, from design conception to final product is facilitated by skilled artisans here in the U.S.A.! Happsy streamlines their operations in order to offer the finest products at the best price.

Warranty: ​

Happsy Crib Mattresses come with a 10 Year Warranty

Delivery - Free Shipping

Your Happsy Crib Mattress will typically ship within 2-3 business days via FedEx and arrive no later than 5 days after being shipped.


What's not to like about this quality Crib Mattress? Happsy has made an all natural bedding alternative that offers support, comfort and affordability!