What Makes a Quality Bed Frame Foundation?

Your bed frame is the focal point of your bedroom. After all, it is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room and therefore, has the most visual impact. Picking the right one can be a tricky proposition. There are simply so many options in the market, your mind is bound to feel boggled. The following are some key things you need to look out for in your quest for the perfect bed frame.


A bed frame can add an attractive element to your sleep environment. But, first and foremost, its purpose is to provide support. A “quality” bed frame does so by offering a solid structure that prevents sagging and lasts for years. Getting the right kind of support is of utmost importance. Most beds will come with slats that hold the mattress up and prevent it from sagging in the middle. Quality bed frames have center supports that go to the floor for additional stability. If you’re using only the mattress without a box spring, ensure there are enough slats for support. Typically, slats must be no more than three inches apart. If spaced further, some type of foundation must be present or safety.

A poor quality frame can compromise the structural integrity of your mattress and foundation. This can cause premature sagging and put your body out of alignment. In today’s day and age, chronic lower back pain is becoming a common occurrence. People are spending hours in an office, chained to a desk, with little to no exercise. Most people are not even aware that their posture is wrong or could lead to spinal issues. Having the right kind of lumbar support in the bed frame is of the utmost importance. After a long day of being hunched over a computer at work, it’s important to be able to straighten your back. Sagging slats can cause your mattress to sag as well. This results in improper alignment and back pain.

Other than the support provided by the bed frame, the type of mattress you’re using is also important. Most bed frames are compatible with all available options. That said, be aware, some may have specific conditions.

What Size Bed Frame Should I Buy?

This is one of the most important factors. What are the dimensions you are looking for? This is typically decided by how much space you have. Get a good sense of how big your room is. Ideally, you don’t want your bed to overpower the surroundings in the room but to complement the decor of the room. For example, if you put a large king size bed in an average-sized guest room, it’ll probably take up too much space and leave little else to do to decorate the room. So be conscious of the space you’re looking to furnish. It also helps to decide where in the room you’re looking to put a bed. If you know which part of the room the bed frame is going to be fitted in, you will have a clear idea of the size you’re looking for. But most importantly, you need a bed that is a good fit for you. If you’re tall and find your legs sticking out at the edges when you’re sleeping, that’s probably not as comfortable.

Budget and Pricing

This is a factor when you’re buying anything. Before you go out into the market, you tend to set a limit for how much you’re going to spend. It’s helpful to have a budget since it also allows you to narrow down on the kind of bed frame you’re looking for. Are you looking for a basic, budget bed frame? Or do you have the liberty to spend a little extra on a beautiful wrought iron design? Depending on how much you can loosen your purse strings, you can get closer to the kind of bed frame that would be a good fit in your home. It could also help to know the purpose of the bed frame, to help set a budget. Where is this bed frame going to go? Is it for a guest bedroom? Is it for a college dorm? Or is it for your master bedroom? According to how much the frame is going to be used and how long you may need it for, you can draw out a budget. For example, if it’s for a college dorm or flat, you can probably do with a basic bed frame which doesn’t cost too much. You can even leave it behind and you won’t feel the pinch so much.

The other aspect of this point is the actual pricing of the products. The pricing of bed frames differs across styles. There can be budget options for different kinds of styles. Of course, the price also depends on the material used, how much of the material is used and how elaborate the design is. For example, leather covered and wooden bed frames tend to be more expensive, not only because the raw material is expensive but even treating that raw material is often expensive. To get an elegant wood finish can cost a fair amount of money, as does the carpentry and expertise to design the frame — same with leather.


Durability is obviously a factor you’re looking into when investing in a bed frame, especially if it’s an expensive one. Metal frames are typically the most durable as they last longer owing to the material. There’s also a lesser chance of damage, scratches, bending, etc. You also don’t have to worry about bed bugs with metal frames. What’s great is that they are far cheaper than the wooden alternatives.

With wooden frames, however, you have several options for styles and finishes. Wooden frames are also quite durable and don’t have the issue of getting rusted, like metal frames might. They are fairly low maintenance and lend a softness to the room. You can opt for ‘softwood’ or ‘hardwood’ finish and can choose from different stains like walnut, almond, chestnut, etc.


There are various kinds of styles which may differ in price. Of course, picking the style of your bed frame depends entirely on your personal choice. It also has to be in keeping with the room you are planning to put the bed in, the decor of which will also materialize from your personal choice. The point to be reiterated, however, is that there are several styles to choose from, depending on your budget. You can go for a rustic wooden bed frame or a stylized vintage metal bed frame, there are several choices in the market.

You can also make a choice about how high do you want your bed to be. The high clearing ones can perhaps give you more storage space underneath the bed frame. Meanwhile, if it’s a cozier room with more natural light, a low-platform bed may look perfect too. The following section deals with the common types of bed frames available in the market.

Types of Bed Frames

There are a few different types of bed frames that are commonly available in the market:

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames are typically low lying and are closer to the ground. The exception being Storage beds (sometimes called “captain beds” ) In either case, no traditional foundation is needed. However, in some cases, a bunkie board may be required. These beds are perfect for small rooms which require minimal furniture. So if you’re looking to furnish a small room in your college flat or in an apartment, a platform bed frame is a perfect way to lend the room some character. They will typically have evenly spaced slats (or a flat surface) which are meant to hold the mattress in place. This usually takes the place of a traditional mattress foundation.

A major drawback of some platform bed frames, is the fact that they can be hard to get into or get out of. You may literally have to get into a squatting position to get out of bed. If you have lower back pain or knee pain, you may find this difficult to do every day. Besides, it may aggravate your pain too. But other than that, there are several benefits to getting a platform bed frame for your room.

Traditional Bed Frame

This frame is the most common. It requires a box spring (foundation) to be placed directly on your frame. This provides necessary support for your mattress. These foundations range in height from standard , 8” – 9” or low profile 4” – 5” options. Standard frames are usually around 7.5” high. Foundation height will depend on thickness of mattress and personal preference. Each are equally supportive. Most modern foundations have no springs. They are simply as the name implies, a flat “foundation” for the mattress to lay upon.

Headboards and Footboards

Not all bed frames come with headboards and footboards. The headboard and footboard is a design element added to some bed frames to give it a more wholesome look. The headboard, of course, is useful to lean against if you want to read a book before turning in, for example. They are often made out of metal or wood and can be covered with a cloth or upholstery. Even if the bed frame is not sold with a head and footboard, several bed frames have sockets in the legs which allow for these parts to be installed.

Headboards and footboards can also be bought separately and elevate the design of your bed manifold.


There are several other styles of beds you can pick from. There are folding beds, in case you’re not using it all the time and could use the storage space. There are the more traditional sleigh beds, typically made of wood, which have the curved design that resembles a sleigh. Then there are poster beds, canopy beds, futons, Murphy beds, adjustable beds, etc., the list goes on. Pick a style that goes with your taste, personality and your room — there are endless options to choose from!

Why Is a Good Bed Frame Important?

But let’s attack the crux of the question. What makes having a good bed frame so important? You could do perfectly well simply sleeping on a mattress on the floor or use the same, creaky bed frame you’ve had for years.

The simple answer is — a good night’s sleep. Nothing compares to giving your body and mind a few hours of undisturbed rest. An average adult needs to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, according to medical professionals. Getting those few hours away from lucidity is important for your brain and your body to recharge. Of course, you know sleep is good for you. But the science of sleep is far more complex than that. Every phase of your sleep cycle is significant for the number of chemical processes going on in your brain. Each phase is marked by the secretion of important hormones, the release of electrical impulses and general workings of the brain that can take place only when your body is asleep. When you miss out on sleep on a regular basis, you also miss out on all these chemical processes that keep your brain healthy and sharp. There is a direct correlation between lack of sleep and deteriorating mental health. Getting adequate sleep is important for your cognitive function and to remain productive at work.

Have you ever slept for eight hours but woken up feeling tired still? A lot of this has to do with the quality of your sleep. If you cannot find the optimum position to sleep in, you’re bound to have disturbed sleep and wake up with sore limbs. There are several factors that go into making your bed suitable for sleeping. You need to ensure that your sheets are clean, your pillows are fluffy and upright and all the extra clutter has been removed from the bed. But most importantly, you need to ensure the mattress doesn’t sink in, it doesn’t slide every time you move in bed and that the bed frame does not make creaky sounds with every movement. For all these reasons and more, it is of utmost importance to have a bed frame that is supportive and enhances the quality of your sleep.

Buying a good bed frame can be a hassle but when you find the right one, it can last you for years without any complaints. The bed is the most intimate furniture in any room. It’s the most lived in and provides the most comfort. It’s meant to be a safe space you can curl into after a long day. Even when you’re not sleeping, the bed is where you may choose to spend a lazy weekend reading or watching a television show. This is the one place of refuge in your home that should be inviting at all times. Therefore, finding the right bed frame for yourself is a task that must be carried out with utmost seriousness, even if it is simply an act of buying furniture. So go forth and build your own sleep sanctuary!

Best Bed Frames

Buying a bed frame is actually quite easy once you’ve set some parameters for what you need and want. The following is a compiled list of some of the best bed frame values on the market. Take a look!

Mattress Frame: Olee Sleep Heavy-Duty Non-slip Support Bed Frame

This heavy-duty steel, non-slip support mattress frame from Olee Sleep is the perfect no-hassle bed for you to stretch your back out on after a long day. It has a strong steel structure, is extremely easy to assemble (all hardware and tools included) and can be stored when not in use, with great ease. What’s great is that it requires no box spring. It’s a perfect fit with other modern bedroom furniture and provides ample storage with its 13.5-inch clearance.

The dark steel is unobtrusive and will fit in your room, no matter the decor you have chosen. The frame also encloses the mattress so it does not slip or become wobbly. The metal construction is long lasting and provides stable mattress support. It is also headboard compatible so you can simply mount your headboard on the slots provided in the legs.

The product also comes with a five-year limited manufacturer warranty, so if you run into any trouble with the mattress frame, you can always contact the sellers. It comes highly recommended by Amazon users and has a coveted product rating of 4.4 stars. This easy, non-squeaky metal structure comes in different sizes too. Depending on what your mattress size is, you can opt for a full, king, queen or twin, all varying slightly in price. The mattress frame is available on Amazon and is eligible for Prime shipping.


  • It is easy to assemble. The frame comes with all the required hardware and tools.
  • The frame is self-foldable so it takes minimum space if you need to stow it away.


  • Some users have complained of the end of the frame sticking out of the mattress, causing stubbed toes and scratches.
  • Individual parts were not labeled for assembly, some users reviewed.

Platform Bed: Yanni Easy Set-up Premium Metal Platform Mattress Foundation

Take the traditional box spring out of the equation with Elegant Home Product’s easy set-up platform bed. The criteria for a good platform bed is that it should be sturdy enough to support the mattress on its own. With this platform mattress foundation, you get the sturdy support of a built-in headboard and footboard. It also has a great quality metal frame and a set of rails and slats that make the frame perfectly safe. The head and footboard add to the sturdiness of the structure.

It comes with all the necessary tools and hardware to assemble the solid support your mattress needs for an even body distribution. It is designed such that it can be assembled easily. You will require no additional tools. You can replace or accommodate any box spring, with zero worries of any quaking or scratching. Its vintage look lends a stylish feel to any room it is set up in. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the platform bed is made using over 30 years of experience in metal beds production. The twin/full-size variety can support up to 500 lbs and the queen/king size can support up to 650 lbs.

The product comes with a five-year free replacement parts warranty and is available on Amazon.


  • The bed comes with complete headboard and footboard for extra support and a sturdy structure.
  • The elegant vintage style looks great in a room, despite minimalist design.


  • A user complained the material isn’t sturdy enough and bent despite putting only the recommended amount of weight on it.

Affordable Bed Frame: Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

Furnishing your home, undoubtedly, can be an expensive affair. You could simply put a mattress on the floor and move on, but after a point that setting isn’t good enough to give your back the required support when you’re sleeping. This cheap and affordable bed frame from Zinus is just the sleep sanctuary you need in your home. Built with sturdy steel, the bed provides all kinds of support at a very economical price. It is supported on nine legs and a center bar. The steel construction has an extremely easy lock-in system and the recessed-leg is designed to offer complete safety (so you don’t stub your toe while making the bed).

The bed frame is easy to set up and can also be adjusted depending on the size you need — twin or queen size. Its unique design is built for optimum durability. It also takes up little space and is easy to assemble in a few simple steps. The center bar offers unique stability and ensures the mattress does not sag from the middle.

The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users. It has a five-year limited warranty. The bed frame is for use only with a box spring and mattress set and cannot be used with a mattress alone.


  • The steel frame is adjustable and can be converted into whichever size you require — twin, king or queen size.
  • The center bar provides extra stability and gives the mattress enough support so it doesn’t sag in the middle.


  • The bed frame can only be used with a box spring and memory set.
  • The bed frame is not compatible for attaching a foot or headboard.

High Bed Frame: Zinus 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame

This high bed frame from Zinus is the perfect minimalist addition to your bedroom. With 14 inches of clearance space, you can use the area underneath your bed for stowing away suitcases or storage boxes that are not in use. The high bed frame has an elegant look and is made of extra strength steel. The steel slats that make the body of the bed frame support memory foam, spring and hybrid mattresses. You no longer need to invest in a separate box spring. Just place your mattress and you are good to go!

The strong steel structure keeps the mattress flat and prevents it from sagging, giving your mattress extra life. The no-slip tape on the slats also prevents the mattress from moving around or wobbling. The bed frame can be assembled easily within minutes. It is also delivered to your doorstep in a narrow box so it can be carried around easily. The frame is available on Amazon and is sold in different sizes — twin, full, queen and king size. The prices of each vary slightly. It has a five-year warranty and comes highly recommended in user reviews.


  • Users have reviewed it to be extremely sturdy and that it takes a great amount of weight.
  • Extremely easy to put together – all the required tools come with the container and the parts are labeled for an easy assemblage.
  • Valuable storage space underneath the bed.


  • The metal top is too slick and the mattress can slide if it’s not heavy enough.
  • Multiple supports in the middle make it difficult to store taller boxes underneath the bed.

Sturdy King Bed Frame: Zinus Modern Studio Platform Metal Bed Frame

There’s nothing quite like spreading out like a king on a comfortable king-size bed. This metal bed frame from Zinus is the perfect sturdy king bed frame you need to fill up space in a large bedroom. Its elegant style will light up the appearance of your room without drawing too much attention away from other important elements. It has 10 wooden slats through the frame, which prevent the mattress from sagging and provides your back the support it needs. This also takes care of the mattress and increases its life. The bottom of the legs is also coated in plastic so your floor is protected and scratch-free. It’s a low profile platform frame with a height of 10 inches and a clearance space of 7 inches under the frame.

The steel frame has a foam-padded tape so you can turn in bed with ease, without being afraid of it being too noisy. Your mattress is also held in place by the non-slip tape on the wooden slats. You can use any mattress — latex, memory foam or spring, they’re all good fits. You can assemble the bed easily, in a couple of minutes, provided the instructions detailed in the manual are carefully followed. There are also openings in two of the legs, in case you want to attach a headboard. The product is available on Amazon, comes with a five-year limited warranty and is highly recommended by users.


  • The bed frame is extremely easy to assemble (user reviews estimate an hour of assembly time). The box comes with all the required tools for assembly and an instruction manual.
  • The metal frame is extremely sturdy and noiseless.


  • Users have complained the wooden slats seem flimsy. Several users installed their own reinforcements during assembly to make the slats stronger.
  • Several users complained of shipment delays and not getting all the required tools in the box for assembly.

Quiet Bed Frame: HOMUS Heavy-Duty Platform Bed Frame – Noise-Free

This heavy-duty, 100 percent steel platform bed frame from HOMUS is a sturdy, high bed that will give your body the sleep it has been craving. Its solid construction can hold up to 3,500 lbs! Its sturdy, solid construction also ensures that it is a quiet bed frame and does not make unnecessary noise when you’re turning in bed. The slats are appropriately spaced to give the mattress all the support it needs and to ensure it doesn’t sag in the middle. The life expectancy of the mattress is also increased from the protection the frame provides.

The bed frame also has an innovative design which embeds the mattress within the steel frame, ensuring it doesn’t slide or wobble. The legs have sockets so you can install a headboard or a footboard if you want to. The 14-inch high bed frame provides ample space underneath the frame to store all the extra things in your room and leave it looking neat and tidy. The bed is extremely easy to assemble and the box comes with all the required components and tools, plus an easy, picture-based instruction manual. With its five-year limited free warranty, you can replace any defective parts for free during the concerned time period. It is also delivered in a slim box so you can transport it through corridors and up the stairs easily, should you need to. The product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users.


  • The sturdy, steel structure is truly noise free and quiet, according to user reviews.
  • The height is an added benefit and allows users to use the storage space beneath the frame.


  • Some users complained that the product was difficult to assemble and the instructions were not informative enough.
  • Some users complained of pieces being missing in the shipment.

Basic Bed Frame: AmazonBasics 6 Legs Support Bed Frame

If you’re looking for something hassle-free and basic to sleep on, this basic bed frame from AmazonBasics ticks all those boxes. The bed frame has a durable steel construction and has an elegant, sleek black finish. It is supported on six legs and has a center bar which expands from side-to-side to provide the mattress stability and prevent it from sagging. The two extra legs at the mid-point on either side enhance strength and provide extra support. It comes in multiple sizes — twin, full, queen and king. The prices of the four vary slightly but all are in an affordable price range.

You need no extra tools to assemble this product. All you require is provided with the box it comes in. It has a simple lock-together system which makes assemblage extremely easy and stress-free. Each support bar is meant to lock securely to the next without requiring any tools. It can be used with any same-size box spring and mattress set (and is not to be used with only a mattress). It’s perfect for a small room that could use all the storage space it could get. This product is available on Amazon is backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.


  • The bed is extremely simple, basic and hassle-free. Perfect to put in a child’s room or take to a dormitory.
  • The assembly is extremely easy and requires no extra tools.


  • Some users complained of the lack of a box spring restraint, causing it to slide off.
  • Some users complained that the bed frame is not sturdy enough.

Designer Bed Frame: SimLife Metal Bed Frame

If you’re looking for a bed with an elegant design to make your room look chicer, this SimLife product with a sophisticated bed frame design is a great choice. The metal frame offers a 12.5-inch clearance under the bed, allowing you to store boxes, suitcases, undone laundry, etc. The frame is made of 100 percent steel and is extremely strong. It has a safe design with six legs, to ensure maximum stability. Usually, bed frames only have four legs. But the two extra legs in the midpoint offers enhanced sturdiness and stability. The bed frame also comes with a headboard and footboard attached. These attachments have a simple, sophisticated design which lends an elegance to your room.

The bed frame does not require a box spring. The sturdy frame has sufficient slats to hold a standard mattress and also provide it enough support so it does not sag in the middle. It allows for an even body distribution when you sleep at night. The metal slats can also curve downwards and can adjust to the shape of your body and your sleeping position. It can hold up to 280 lbs! It is easy to assemble and comes with all the required parts and tools, along with an informative instruction manual. If done meticulously, it takes less than 60 minutes to assemble. This product is available on Amazon.


  • Buyers have reviewed this bed frame to be extremely sturdy and durable. The slats provide the mattress great support.
  • Easy to assemble though there are several parts in the package which can seem daunting at first. There are not too many written instructions but if followed through, most users have reported success in assembling.


  • Several users have complained of shipment issues and missing and damaged parts when the package finally arrived.

Tall Bed Frame: Sleeplace 18-Inch Tall Heavy-Duty Steel Slat Support

If you’re tall and looking for a bed that doesn’t require you to squat every time you wake up, this tall bed frame from Sleeplace is the perfect fit. With 18 inches of clearance space underneath the frame, you can not only sit on the bed comfortably but also use all that extra space underneath as storage space to stow away all the extra boxes in your room. The bed frame also has extremely sturdy steel slats which can support even heavier mattresses, without any fear of the slats bending or getting damaged. What’s more, you don’t even need a separate box spring. You can simply lay down your mattress and your bed is ready to be slept on.

The bed frame is also constructed with a unique, noise-free, steel slat structure. The leg structures have reinforced strength so you can be sure of putting a fair amount of weight on the bed — how is 1,200 lbs for a number? The receded slats also keep the mattress in place and the rounded corners ensure you can navigate safely in the dark without injuring yourself. This product is available on Amazon and is backed by a five-year manufacturer limited warranty. It comes in various sizes — twin, full, queen, king and California king. All these sizes vary slightly in price.


  • The 18-inch clearance space underneath the frame makes for a truly tall bed frame and takes care of your storage needs.
  • Most user reviews have commented on how easy the bed frame is to assemble.


  • Some users complained of the bed making creaking sounds after a few months of use.
  • Some users complained about the dimensions being inaccurate for their California king mattress.

Best Queen Bed Frame: eLuxurySupply Wood Bed Frame

Stretch your back out at the end of a long day on of the best queen bed frames in the market. This offering from eLuxurySupply is made with 100 percent solid North American pine wood and has seven-layer pressed pine wooden slats. It’s the perfect size for a medium-sized room and also lends the room its own kind of elegance. The wood finish provides a warmth to the surroundings. It has low ground clearance but makes the room look cozy and lived in. The bed frame does not require a box spring and a mattress can just be laid out directly. The slats are placed six inches apart and can support up to 900 lbs — a perfect base for a soft, memory foam mattress. Even without a separate mid support, the frame is extremely sturdy and perfectly safe to enjoy several good nights of sleep.

The wood finish is available in different stain options — walnut, grey barn wood and almond. All three wooden stains have a protective clear coat. It is extremely easy to assemble and requires no tools. All the pieces can come together in three minutes or less, even if only one person is assembling it. The material is durable and shock resistant so you can use it for several years. This product is available on Amazon and comes highly recommended by users. It is also available in other sizes — king, California king, full, twin and twin XL. All sizes vary in price.


  • The bed frame is extremely easy to put together and does not require any tools or even an extra set of hands.
  • The wooden finish is extremely elegant and elevates the warmth of any room.


  • Some users complained of the bed creaking and making noises after a few months of use.
  • Some users complained that the slats are weak and had to be replaced after only a few months of use.

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