Alternative Alarm Clocks for Early Risers

Getting up early in the morning can be quite difficult, especially when you’re cozily snuggled in your blanket. And, the sound of the alarm going off early in the morning can give you quite a jolt, hastily making you hit the snooze button. An alarm clock is a must-have accessory in the bedroom to get you up on time for your day’s activities, classes, meetings, etc.

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    If you find your regular alarm clock boring, here are some unique alarm clocks that are sure to get you out of your dreamland in creative ways. There are several different kinds of alarm clocks out there and you’re sure to find one that you like to get you out of bed.

    Couples Alarm Clock

    According to the creators, you can consider the new Wakē alarm as your “own personal sunrise” instead of being woken up by your partner’s loud alarm clock, the Wakē alarm makes use of soothing and soft sounds along with soft white LED light that gently wakes you up as if you’re being woken up by the gentle glow of the rising sun.

    Wakē is indeed the ideal alarm clock for couples who have different wake-up times. The advanced speakers of the clock focus the sounds in a way so that only one person can hear the sounds. The alarm clock is installed above your bed on the wall and understands the sleeping side that you prefer. It has an inbuilt heat sensor that can distinguish the different bodies. When you are up and get out of the bed, Wakē knows it and shuts off the alarm.

    Exercise Alarm Clock

    If you are a heavy sleeper and need an alarm to force you out of your bed, then the Ramos alarm clock may be perfect for you. The alarm clock comprises of 3 parts – the alarm clock, an app and a beacon. The beacon is usually placed in a place far away from the bedroom and when the alarm goes off, you need to walk up to the beacon and using the app on your phone, deactivate it to shut off the alarm.

    The alarm will keep ringing even if you unplug the Ramos, as it will switch to the internal battery. The Ramos alarm clock can be quite forceful and will just get you out of bed. You can also program the app in such a way that the alarm will shut off when you exercise. For example, you will need to do 15 jumping jacks and the signal will be sent to shut off the alarm. The Ramos alarm clock does give you the options to snooze, but once you have crossed the number of snoozes, you definitely have to get out of bed.

    Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

    If you love getting up to a steaming cup of coffee, then surely the Barisieur alarm clock is the best for you. The beautiful clock comes with an inbuilt coffee machine. The Barisieur alarm clock awakens you with the delicious aroma of brewing coffee and clinking sounds of the ball bearings which heat the water via heat induction. The alarm clock also has an inbuilt milk cooler and small compartments for the coffee and sugar. And if the aroma of freshly brewed coffee doesn’t do the trick, then the Barisieur has an actual alarm that can wake you up.

    Physical Alarm Clock

    A great way to get you out of bed and also get your blood pumping is the Wake N’ Shake app. You can turn off the alarm only by shaking your mobile phone vigorously until the meter is full and once the phone has been shaken enough, the alarm will turn off.

    The alarm clock app makes use of your smartphone’s inbuilt accelerometer and measures the intensity of your movements and it also allows you to set the difficulty levels on basis of your physical requirements. Although the Wake N’ Shake will not make you sweat, it is a fantastic way by which you can wake up your mind and body. Wake N’ Shake also allows you to set the option that lets you take quick naps and you can also choose from a variety of alarm tones.

    Math Alarm Clock

    Nothing can wake you up as well as a bit of mathematics problem solving. The only way to silence the FreakyAlarm iOS app is by solving math problems. While the question may be quite easy when you’re wide awake and alert, they require you to be clear headed as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. The FreakyAlarm ensures that you are alert and focused. The app comes with logical reasoning problems such as ordering objects that are indistinguishable from smallest to largest or vice versa, etc. And, the volume of the alarm gets locked by the app, which means that you cannot shut off the alarm or turn down the volume till you solve the problem and find the correct answer.

    Shock Alarm Clock

    While for some, a cup of coffee in the morning can get you wide awake, others may need something stronger like an electric shock to wake them up. Developed by an Indian designer, the singNshock alarm clock, gives you an electric shock when you press the snooze button. While the shock delivered is quite weak, it is sufficient to trigger your neurological functions and get you out of bed.

    Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Now, instead of being woken by a loud ringing or buzzing alarm, you can wake up because of vibrations caused by the Vibrating Alarm Clock from Philips. The vibrations caused by the clock are silent and will not bother anyone else sleeping in the same room. The alarm clock has one level of vibration if you are a deep sleeper and another if you sleep lightly.

    Hard to Turn off Alarm Clock

    Clocky is perfect to get you out of bed if you just can’t stop yourself from hitting the snooze button once more before actually getting up. If you hit the snooze button when it’s time for you to get up, the alarm clock on wheels springs up and rolls off your side table and around your bedroom. You can turn off the alarm only by getting out of your bed and finding your Clocky. The durable design of Clocky allows it to make a 3-foot fall from your table or nightstand to the floor without getting damaged. The alarm clock lets you get in one-snooze cycle before running away.

    Wake up to Calls from Strangers

    The Wakie social alarm clock app allows you to sign-up to get a wake-up call and you can get a phone call from any of the 1.5 million members of Wakie. The calls get terminated after a minute automatically and are just sufficient to kickstart your brain in the morning. The idea of Wakie is that when someone asks you a question in the morning, your brain needs to wake up to answer and similarly when you get a call, your social behavior gets turned on and you can’t go back to sleep after the call.

    Rise & Shine Serenity Wake Up Light

    The Rise & Shine Serenity Wake Up Light Alarm Clock from Verilux is sure to give you a surreal experience of waking up to the soft natural glow of sunrise. At the pre-set time, the clock gives out glowing light. You can also customize the color of the light, the brightness level and whether you want the light show to be accompanied by sound or not.

    Bird Alarm Clock

    This is one alarm clock which does not look like one at all. It looks like a statue of a small bird and you can look at the time by only turning it around. You can now be woken by the melodious sounds of a thrush bird instead of the strident ringing of your alarm clock.


    SensorWake is an alarm clock that wakes you up with a spritz of fragrance and the alarm is a small hatch which sprays the fragrance till you turn it off. According to a study conducted by SensorWake, around 99% of the people woke up in just 2 minutes of the fragrances being sprayed. The scents that are sprayed by SensorWake are ones such as chocolate, coffee, peppermint, croissants, etc. that are pleasant and at the same time jarring too. After spraying the fragrance, SensorWake also sounds an audible alarm, which can be quite useful if you’re suffering from a stuffy nose.

    Wake Up and Save Money Too

    The BanClock is not only a great way to wake up, but an excellent way to save money too. When the BanClock alarm goes off, the only way you can shut off the alarm is by dropping a coin into the clock.

    Fred O’ Clock

    This is a free app designed for iOS devices which requires you to play a childhood game to turn off the alarm. The free version comes along with a memory game that will juggle your mind awake so that you find it difficult to fall back asleep. The creators of the Fred O’ Clock app claim that by engaging your brain as soon as you’re awake can help you get out of bed and get moving.

    While the free version of the app comes with just one game, paying a little extra can get you additional games such as Space Attack, Catch the Comet, Submarine Hunt, Play That Song and Mindbender. While the Fred O’ Clock app is for iOS phones, for Android devices, there is Microsoft’s Mimicker app, which requires you to perform tasks such as repeating a tongue twister or making faces to mimic an emotion, etc. to switch off the alarm. While these apps are not really alternative clocks, they do a great job of getting you out of bed.

    Sleep Cycle

    This is a great app to track your sleeping patterns and habits and analyze them. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app tries to wake you up at the best time possible and in the gentlest manner by tracking your sleeping habits and patterns. You can then determine how you can get better sleep at night by reviewing the statistics of your sleeping habits.

    Wall Street Journal, Wired and TechRadar all claim that the Sleep Cycle app really works, right from the statistics and graph part to waking you up feeling refreshed and relaxed. Sleep Cycle is a great app that can alter your sleeping habits and is a fantastic option if you want to get some solid sleep.

    There are loads of alarm clocks out there right from the traditional alarm clock to weird alarm clocks, tricky alarm clocks to ones that need you to solve math problems. Waking up is never easy and you need to decide on the type of alarm clock you want, something that rouses you gently or ones that tricks you awake. The choice is yours to make!

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