About Us

BestSlumber.com receives a small compensation (at no additional cost to the buyer)  when a mattress or other item is purchased following a product link from our site. Having said that, we are not reluctant to recommend or endorse products for whom we have no affiliation whatsoever. Our objective is to provide clear, honest evaluations of a widest range of possible sleep options. 

There is no one perfect mattress for everyone. Our evaluations are based on a variety of criteria that includes manufacturer specifications, actual reviews of consumers and independent research sites such as Consumerreports.com. Our final conclusions are also tempered by over 17 years of industry experience. Although we all have our own favorites, to endorse one mattress over another based on our own individual preferences would be at best a bit frivolous and perhaps even a little irresponsible. Multiple factors such as age, weight, health conditions and sleep position preferences, all play a part in determining the best individual mattress. We will do our best to touch on all elements of what goes into a great nights sleep in each mattress review; as well as break down the best values for every budget. We look forward to being of service and welcome any questions or concerns. Thank you for visiting BestSlumber.com!