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KAYA Sleep Mattress Review

kaya sleep mattress review

Product Name:

KAYA Sleep

Product Type:

Hybrid Mattress


Standard Queen Mattress  $1,195​​​​ 


KAYA Sleep is one of the most exciting new companies to emerge in 2018. However, it has nothing to do with a glitzy, hype filled ad campaign. KAYA’s strength is quality and substance. While keeping prices affordable, they’ve created a mattress that not only rivals, but exceeds higher priced competition. KAYA’s mantra is simple, make a product that is “Just Better!” Better, materials, better price, better sleep! 

KAYA Sleep has been awarded our Best Mattress for Back Sleepers under $2,000!

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KAYA Raises the Bar

Mattress shoppers can thank the early Internet bedding pioneers for creating new options that made purchasing a mattress online an affordable and risk free experience. Companies like Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle dared to question why mattresses had to be so expensive. While these companies continue to reshape the bedding industry, newer higher quality online options have emerged. The KAYA Sleep Mattress is a high quality online option that strives to set new standards and raise consumer expectations.

KAYA recently offered BestSlumber with the opportunity to review their new mattress. The bed was provided at no charge in exchange for an honest review of their product. We’ll take you through every step of our KAYA Experience.


“Transparency” is not just a word for KAYA, it’s a way of doing business. It’s a refreshingly straightforward approach to earning consumer confidence and trust. KAYA Sleep operates under the premise that full disclosure of product specifications makes comparing product qualities easy. They are upfront about materials used rather than concealing specifications and relying on clever marketing gimmicks.

kaya sleep mattress mattress layers

The KAYA hybrid mattress is built in the USA. It combines a superior individually pocketed coil system with high density memory foam. The result is a bed that boasts the best attributes of both technologies.

The Cover: KAYA Sleep utilizes a continuous knitting process that allows for more stretch and responsiveness. Unlike a traditional woven damask, the fabric easily conforms to body movement to provide the maximum benefits of both foam and coil. The flatter surface makes the material soft, smooth and comfortable too. ThermoGel has been infused directly into the cover. This starts the cooling process the moment you touch the bed.

Responsive HD Foam: 1” of 5-lb. support foam provides durable comfort and support. This weight is significantly higher than most standard bedding.

Memory Foam: The second foam layer consists of a 2” layer of high quality memory foam. At 4 lbs, the density is more in line with a premium Tempur-pedic or Serta iComfort than a value priced mattresses. Expect great pressure relief from foam of this quality.

Transition Foam: The third layer: A 1” of  2 lb. density foam provides deep compression support and additional pressure relief.

Pocketed Coils: Surrounded by two layers of support foam, KAYA’s individually pocketed coil unit is undoubtedly its most impressive feature. With over 1,000 coils in a standard queen, it has 20% more steel than most comparably featured hybrids. You won’t find any compromising here when it comes to support.

Full edge to edge steel means a larger more consistent sleep surface and better edge support. Using coils all the way to the edge not only enhances support, it allows for better cooling than foam encasement. The stability and structure of this system also dramatically increases overall durability.

Pocketed coils also limit motion transference and offer great contouring. It’s a great feature for couples who want to sleep undisturbed by their partner's movements. We noticed little to no motion detection. 

Comfort Feel:

Medium Firm: This feel is designed to accommodate the widest range of comfort preferences. Most back and stomach sleepers will find their sweet spot here by attaining just the right blend of support and pressure relief. Most, but not all side sleepers will appreciate this level of firmness. Those who are particularly sensitive to pressure points may want a plusher and more conforming feel.

While sleeping on this bed, we found back, stomach and side positions to be quite comfortable. The support is obvious the moment you rest upon this mattress. The KAYA Sleep mattress has a very substantial feel while still relieving pressure. How you will feel on this mattress really depends on a variety of factors. Weight, physical condition, age or recent injuries all play a role in personal comfort preference. A heavier person will be absorbed into the mattress and perceive the bed as being softer than a petite individual. Arthritis, fibromyalgia or hip and shoulder injuries may require a softer feel for pressure relief. While no two body types are the same, no two mattresses have identical feels either.

Through the course of 20 years of bedding experience, we have comfort tested hundreds of medium firm mattresses.  Actual firmness levels vary;  as do individual perceptions. Our conclusion is the KAYA rests right within that true medium firm range. While no one mattress is right for everyone, this bed should meet the majority of comfort needs.



What you should know about shipping...

KAYA states your mattress will be delivered to your door within 3 - 10 business days via UPS. It’s a pretty conservative estimate that allows for unforeseen shipping delays. We actually received ours within two business days.

Upon arrival, the first thing you will notice is that the mattress is heavy! At 114 lbs for a standard Queen, it weighs considerably more than your average bed in the box offering. For that matter, it’s more substantial than most retail mattresses. Of course, weight here is a direct reflection of the quality KAYA Sleep delivers.

This kind of support and comfort can’t be duplicated with lighter weight, lesser quality components. For most people, this means having an extra set of hands available to bring your mattress into the home. The good news is, once inside, set up is a breeze!

For ease of setup, we recommend placing your mattress on the foundation before unwrapping.  

kaya box open

Carefully break the seal allowing your KAYA Mattress to unroll onto your bed. It will require a few hours to take full shape. The KAYA, will continue to expand slightly over the next 48 hours. Although this additional expansion is visually negligible, we found that the mattress became a bit softer over this period. 

Once open, it's hard not to notice KAYA'S unique structural attributes. Feel along the edge of the mattress as the steel expands. You’ll feel support all the way to the edge around the outside perimeter. Typical foam edges lack consistency with the rest of the mattress and tend to retain heat. KAYA Sleep has spared no expense to create maximum edge support and comfort. 


High density quality foams also weigh more than cheap convoluted foams. The difference in performance here is significant. Although it has clean pleasing lines, aesthetically, the KAYA hybrid mattress is not glamorous in appearance. It’s real beauty comes in the the form of support, comfort and value!

*Special note: As with any quality mattress, It’s essential a Queen or King have a frame with a sturdy center support and additional legs on the ground. Over time, Inferior frames can affect the support and longevity of your mattress.

No Dangerous Off Gassing

Upon opening the KAYA, there were no unpleasant odors. This mattress is CertiPUR Certified not to emit dangerous toxins.  

Made without: Ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP and TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, VOCs or formaldehydes. 


Twin:                               $795                 

Twin XL                          $845                

Full:                                 $995           

Queen:                           $1,195             

King:                               $1,345             

Cal King:                        $1,345             

kaya sleep mattress review in room

20 Year Warranty:

During the first 10 years, KAYA Mattress will repair or replace a defective mattress at the company's discretion. Handling fees or Shipping charges apply for repair or replacement. During the second ten years, mattress will be repaired at company's discretion at a prorated rate. Shipping and handling charges apply. See full company description for disclaimers.

Comfort Guarantee:

120 Day Comfort Trial

KAYA asks that you sleep on your mattress for 30 days to allow your body to acclimate to your new sleep environment. It’s not unusual to take that long to determine if your new bed is right for you. This is particularly true if your current mattress is old and sagging. Your body becomes accustomed to being out of alignment and needs time to adjust. After your one month trial, you have up to 120 from date of delivery to schedule a free pick up and full refund. No questions asked.

KAYA Sleep Conclusion:

With over a thousand individually pocketed coils and high density foams, this superior quality hybrid takes a backseat to no one! We found this exceptional mattress to perform as well or better than beds priced almost double the price!  One of the most outstanding mattresses we've reviewed! We highly recommend KAYA Sleep!


KAYA Sleep is one of only two companies to attain this high an overall rating. 

The only thing that would make this mattress better is a second, softer option to compliment the Medium Firm. Having said that, the KAYA strikes a perfect mid range feel that should satisfy most, if not all sleepers needs!

The Good Stuff:
  • Tremendous edge to edge support is derived from a over 1,000 individually pocketed coils.

  • Sleeps cooler than most memory foam hybrids. ThermoGel is infused directly into the cover. The cooling process starts the moment you contact the mattress. Air passes freely through the coils for additional breathability.

  • 20 Year warranty is above and beyond the norm. Quality components make it easy to believe this warranty is legit.

  • No off gassing issues. All KAYA Sleep foams are CertiPUR certified to not emit dangerous toxins into the air.

  • Motion Transfer is low thanks to the combination of high density memory foam and individual coils. Always a great feature for couples not wanting to be disturbed by their partner’s movements.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Only one comfort option: The KAYA's Medium Firm mattress is a great feel for most, but not all sleepers. If you have pressure sensitivities and are looking for an ultra plush mattress, you’ll need to find another option.
  • No White Glove in home delivery service offered. The KAYA hybrid mattress is quite heavy.  Most people will require two sets of hands to bring into the house. With assistance, setup is quite easy.

kaya sleep mattress angled view

Is KAYA right for you?

     Try it risk free today!