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Happsy Mattress Review – Certified Organic

Happsy Mattress Review

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Hybrid Mattress


Standard Queen Mattress $1,199 (See price for all sizes)


Happsy is a new kid on the block but that has not stopped the company from having high expectations. They join a rapidly expanding natural mattress market with competitors like My Green MattressEco Terra, Avocado and Zenhaven. Like Happsy, these companies offer eco-friendly hybrid models. Our Happsy Mattress review explores what’s different about this latest startup.

Read our interview with Happsy's Dale Luckwitz.


Individually Pocketed Coils: The main support system is an individually pocketed coil system. Unlike, traditional bonnell innersprings, the coils operate independently of each other. They provide customized comfort and support while limiting motion transfer. This is ideal for couples who wish not to disturb their sleep partners when they move. Unlike mattresses with polyurethane cores, air passes easily through. These coils keep your sleep environment cool, dry and comfortable.

happsy mattress review
happsy mattress review

2” Organic Dunlop Latex: Happsy mattresses are proudly handcrafted in the US. Materials are domestically-sourced whenever possible. The only major exception is the use of organic latex which is derived from the sap of the non-US native, rubber tree. Because the rubber trees are not harmed in the process, organic latex remains a renewable, eco-friendly option. The finest of this product is imported to provide your mattress with superior support and comfort. All latex is certified to meet GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) specifications.

Natural Organic Latex is pressure relieving and conforming. It is often described as having a bouncy feel. This foam creates the sensation of floating on top of the mattress. This is in stark contrast to the sinking feeling many Memory Foam owners experience. Unlike Memory foam, organic latex sleeps cool and has no off-gassing issues.

Organic vs. Synthetic Latex: Synthetic latex can sleep hot and have off-gassing issues. It is cheaper too produce and is of lesser quality than natural latex. There is a number of low priced bed in the box models that offer synthetic latex. Don't let this ruin your perception of organic latex. Happsy uses only all natural organic latex.

Organic Cotton: US grown without pesticides, this cotton is certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Soft with just the right amount of stretch, it allows for body conformity. Organic cotton is used in both the ticking and side panels. it provides a breathable, cool and safe cover.

happsy mattress review organic cotton
happsy mattress review organic wool

Organic Wool Batting: Organic wool is a natural heat regulator. It helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because it acts as a natural fire barrier, no harmful chemical retardants are needed. Under extreme heat, wool will char but will not burn. Organic wool used in the Happsy Mattress is also Certified GOTS.

Comfort Options:

Standard Medium Firm: The Happsy Mattress is rated a Medium Firm. This level of mattress is generally a good fit for most back and stomach sleepers. It offers great support and alignment with just enough softness to relieve pressure points. It will also accommodate a large percentage of side sleeper needs.

Happsy Mattress Review
happsy mattress review

Pillowtop Option: Add a 2" Organic Latex Topper for a softer feel with more body hug. The topper is ideal for side sleepers in search of more conformity and pressure relief. Shoulders and hips are cradled to alleviate stress while keeping perfect alignment.  

If you are unsure if you need the extra softness, you can start with the Medium Firm and latter add the Pillowtop option.


Twin:                                              $749

Twin XL                                         $799 

Full:                                                $1,099

Queen:                                          $1,199

King:                                              $1,499

Cal King:                                       $1,499

Twin:        2" Organic Latex Topper  $249

Twin XL   2" Organic Latex Topper   $279      

Full:          2" Organic Lates Topper   $349      

Queen      2" Organc Latex Topper   $399      

King:         2" Organic Latex Topper  $499  

Cal King   2" Organic Latex Topper  $499  


Your mattress will be delivered free to your doorstep anywhere in the continental U.S. Setup is simple and easy but Happsy is there to help if questions arise.


Happsy warranties against defects in materials or flaws in manufacturing for 10 years. In either instance, Happsy will repair or replace your mattress.

Comfort Guarantee:

    120 Day Comfort Trial

Try the mattress out for 120 days. If you decide Happsy is not for you, they will be happy to coordinate a return.  It's a risk- free, no strings attached policy!

Environmentally Responsible:

Happsy remains dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint and leads by example. Happsy has earned the following certifications.

Happsy Mattress Review Certifications

Happsy Conclusion:

Happsy offers and affordable alternative to expensive organic mattresses. Priced only marginally higher than polyurethane bed in the box options, Happsy puts a quality organic mattress within reach of everyone. We feel Happsy represents an exceptional value well worth consideration!


The Good Stuff:
  • Natural Latex relieves pressure and sleeps cool. It also has no off gassing issues.
  • Individually Pocketed Coils reduce motion transfer. Couples feel their partners movements less which promotes more restful nights!
  • Happsy is a Certified Organic mattress; made from the finest all natural materials. It's ideal for those who suffer from allergies.
The Bad Stuff:
  • If you have a latex allergy, we would recomend selecting another option. For those who are allergic, reations comes from direct contact. The latex in the Happsy mattress rests below the cover and should not ever pose a danger. Having said that, we would recommend erring on the side of caution.
happsy mattress review

Is Happsy right for you? 

 Happsy is not only a 100% Certified Organic mattress, it's an exceptional value! Try it risk free today!

Getting to Know Happsy - Our Interview with Dale Luckwitz

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dale Luckwitz, strategist at Happsy. He discussed the mattress, the mindset, and motivation behind their new product.

Happsy, is an interesting name. How did it originate?

“It’s a combination of happy and sleep. It was meant to be a fun, playful name that says caring for your health doesn’t need to be intimidating or scary.”

There is a virtual sea of online mattress companies; what separates Happsy from the pack?

“We saw an opportunity to fill a void in the market that did not currently have a lot of representation. There are plenty of polyurethane foam beds. We felt people were looking for more. The decision was made to produce a healthier, quality hybrid mattress - one withan organic story.” Many organic mattresses are priced out of reach for people. We wanted to make Happsy affordable for everyone."

"The terms “Green” and “Organic” are getting tossed around a lot these days. It’s easy for consumers to get confused by all the online chatter. How can they make sense of everything that they hear?

“There's a lot of misleading information online. Some manufacturers take liberties with the words organic and natural. Often times, only a small percentage of their product is actually organic. That’s why the certification route was so important to us. It’s not an easy process, but one we considered necessary. We felt it was well worth it to instill customer confidence and trust.” People sometimes want to compare Happsy with other “green” products. We prefer to focus on the merits of our own mattress. I actually applaud all companies making an effort to use healthier materials and work toward a cleaner environment."

Happsy has many certifications. Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), Global Organic Textile (GOTS), to name a few. Can you tell me a little about the materials used that meet these specifications?

“We use certified organic cotton and wool that are both certified GOTS, and source our cotton fill and jersey fabric from the U.S The wool acts as a natural fire retardant so no harmful flame retardant chemicals are needed. For the foam, we use Organic Dunlop Latex. There is less processing involved than Talalay. Dunlop is the only process considered for GOLS certification. Of course, not all latex is the same. Organic Dunlop comes from organic rubber tree milk. Some companies use synthetic latex or blends with very little natural product present."

"Certifications are important, but it's much more than that. There’s a bigger picture. It’s the domestic suppliers we support and the US jobs we help protect. It’s also about contributing to the environment and sustainability. Of course, it’s also about providing a healthier night's sleep. There is an increased public about awareness of health and environmental issues. Thinking green isn't a passing fad.”

Can you talk a little bit about Happsy’s coil system?

“Happsy uses an 8” 15 ½ gauge individual pocketed coil and a 14 ½ gauge perimeter coil. The challenge was engineering an innerspring that can be rolled for easier shipment. Most bed in the box mattresses are just blocks of polyurethane foam. It was never our goal to take that route. Unlike synthetic foams, Organic Latex does not retain as much heat, plus our individually encased coils allow for air passage. The end result is a much cooler, more comfortable sleep.”

I understand Happsy consulted chiropractors during the initial development stages. What type of impact did they have on the final product?

“Chiropractors offered insight into support and comfort. They gave advice on what would be beneficial for the majority of sleepers. Our mattress is a Medium Firm. A pillow top option is available by adding our 2” Organic Latex topper. This option offers more conformity for side sleepers looking for a softer feel.”

Service can make or break a new start up. What would you like people to know about Happsy’s approach to customer satisfaction?

"Our goal is to keep every customer completely satisfied. We offer free delivery and free returns. Even if Happsy turns out to be not the right mattress for you, we want your transaction to be pleasant. It’s all part of a grassroots effort. It’s not just about making one sale but in building a community. It’s about making consumers feel great about the entire experience. We want our customers to feel comfortable recommending us to friends and family. As with any new company, word of mouth is extremely important. That’s how you grow business!”

Final Thoughts

We want to thank Dale Luckwitz for his time and insight. It’s hard not to sense his genuine excitement about Happsy’s future. His enthusiasm is understandable. Happsy offers a supportive, safe and healthy alternative at an attractive price point. We recommend you consider this exceptional company!

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